hi miss china

hi tony pierce.

i want you, miss china.

i want you too, tony pierce.

what are you going to do if you win miss universe, miss china.

im going to wrap my arms around you, tony pierce, and give you a big juicy kiss.

are you a good kisser, miss china?

thats what my girlfriend tells me.

well, hmmm, well, i didnt know.

you didnt ask.

but you would kiss me?

mmmm definately.

what else would you do if you got miss universe?

travel around and spend money.

you wouldnt help promote world peace?

people with guns and bombs dont listen to beauty queens, tony.

maybe they would if you kissed them first.

fine, i’ll kiss people with guns and bombs then.

are you a good cook, miss china?

yes i am as a matter of fact.

whats the dish that you like to cook the most?

probably waffles.

theyve got waffles in china?

we’ve got lots of things in china that you wouldnt expect.

yeah, like what?

like the new Tsar record.

but it hasnt been recorded yet.

yes it has, it just hasnt been mixed yet, sillyhead.

so you have the new Tsar record, unmixed?

yep, it’s great, comes free with Windows XTP.

what’s Windows XTP?

the second version of Windows XP.

whats the T stand for?


you’re pretty hot, miss china.

you’re not so bad yourself, tony.

you know im not a judge, right.

youre not a judge?


then what are you?

im just a blogger.




so does this mean the interview is over?

pretty much.

can i have your number then?

sure, just answer one of my questions.


whats my name?

no fair asking hard questions, miss china.

rishi + encantada + that broken girl

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