because they still cant find the xbi agent who is exposing

us for what we are: former government agents and marines who have turned into vigilante undercover superheroes who steal from theives and sometimes give to the poor while fighting crime and keeping the city of angels safer than youve ever known, they think someone internally is helping them.

so today they “interviewed” all of us.

it goes like this. dark room, youre blindfolded, theyre behind one way glass.

pink floyd is playing.

they dont yell at you, they esp you, and youre hooked up to an ekg, etc.

they have actors esp the questions so you dont know who is asking.

why are you in the xbi?

the chicks.

sometimes the questions come fast sometimes very slowly.

i liked them better fast.

how old are you?


do you think this is a joke?

of course not.

then why arent you answering honestly?

i want your machine to know when im lying.

whats your job title here

senior operator, chopper one

whats your dream job?

traveling around the country finding fast food restaurants and swanky hotels that have wireless internet connections so that i could blog from there and say nice things to all the good people of the world while spreading good will.

do you know where the missing agent is?


why is it important for us to find him.

because we have a good thing going on here.

how committed are you to helping us find him?

i’ll work 24/6 for you.

you may leave, agent.

then one of them said,

dont put this on your website.

but im pretty sure he was kidding.

that not so fresh feeling + gnome girl + dougie gyro

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