karisa has two best friends

kerrieand both of their first names starts with k.

one of them is named kerrie and today is her 85th birthday.

ive had the great opportunity to meet kerrie and in my opinion she is far too sweet and normal to be any best friend of karisas. i dont know what i was expecting, but i liked who i met and when karisa asked if she could say a few things about her pal on the busblog i happily agreed.

happy birthday kerrie!



because mutiny on the bounty’s what we’re all about�

today is kerrie-kerrie carnes birthday. kerrie has been my favorite person in the world to get through life with- and because of that, i have had the best, most-lived life ever.

together we have been alcoholics, rock stars, b-list celebs, poor, starving, criminals, lifesavers, near-death and

dominators of the impossible.

but by herself, she is my hero and i have so much of whom i am to thank her for.

she is my strong friend, who i truly hope realizes how strong she is, how much effect she has on others and how simply wonderful she is.

not to mention one of the raddest, most kick-ass, funnest chics from coast-to-coast.

and even though we are 3000 miles apart now- los angeles to massachusetts, she will always be my closest friend.

always rhymin’ and stealin’ in a drunken state

and we�ll be rockin’ our rhymes all the way to hell’s gate…

happy birthday, kerrie-kerrie carnes!



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