go with the flow

use the force, take what the defense gives you.

i know this. i KNOW this. still i fight it. tony dumbass to the rescue.

karisa and i have a complete friendship based around this way of life and still i forget this theme. chopper one. drunnk golfing. absolute marksmanship. sega nhlpa hockey. making love. making lust. playing shortstop. even writing in this damn blog has always been about taking it easy, taking myself out of it and going with the flow, and still i forget that sometimes and get upset when things dont go precisely the way i envision it, and i apologize to the universe for being a fallen tree branch in the river of life and messing with the stream of rock.

today i got into the office and there was an email from the commander telling us that we were to go code phil collins starting this evening.

that meant we were to go solo.

he’s old.

if i ran the show i would call it code beyonce but i dont want to run the show. i just want to do my part.

what it means is that we have information that the offices are unsafe. that shit will go down. that we have to take any work home with us. that we cant call into the office. that we cant be teamed up with partners. that i have to take chopper one to the hangar tonight and take a cab home.

putting one plus one together we deduced that the guy who is ratting us out to the fbi and the press didnt get found by us yet and has started narcing and the wrong person is going to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time so we’re making like trees and vamoosing.

so the boss told us to phil collins today and tomorrow and we take the fourth off cuz we love this country and i dont work weekends so it looks like im going to be like styx and have too much time on my hands.

fortunately i have nothing to do this weekend and i have a few friends who might want to do something, like my old roommate sam. and karisas friend ditch is in town with mikey muscles so i might have to take them to a titty bar on one of the nights that shes gonna do a girls night out with her ladies.

it sucks cuz i wanted to get ditch drunk and take him up in chopper one but everything needs to be on lockdown while the stoolie is on the loosie.

and you know what i really want right now?

i want a venice beach hot dog, and a vanilla soft serve dipped in that magic chocolate and i want to keep on reading Moneyball, and i want to just go with the flow

cuz the flow is good.

and im still the luckiest motherfucker from here to gardenia.

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