ashley is an interesting girl

Ashley - Marilyn's grave08 but ashleys pissing me off right now so we’re not going to talk about her today.

and if she keeps pissing me off i will stop talking to her forever. as in forever. as in forever and ever and ever forever.

as in she better get her shit together and check her self because she is wrecking herself and i dont appreciate it because i have been extremely good to her and ive given her many second and third chances and she still tries so hard to weasel out of our agreements and i wont have it.

it sucks to be around a girl 1/7 your age because i feel like i have to sorta teach lessons and i dont want to teach any damn lesson, i just want to live my life and when people fuck me over i want to wipe them off my speed dial.

theres a lot of rock stars in the stratosphere. theres no reason to hang out with those who dont want to hang out with you or those who dont respect you.

ive seen a lot of things in my 109 years skateboarding this crust and the one thing that baffles me are people who do not get along who stay with each other because of history or old feeling or comfort or fear.

i dont think that its an accident that millions of people share this land with us and we have 75-100 years to rock the casbah. meet the people of the world. stick to your convictions. demand respect. love each other. and love each other enough to call bullshit on bullshit and walk away when the dj starts playing crap on the wheels of steel.

this isnt to say that problems cannot be worked out. this isnt to say that if you make commitments to be together forever like run dmc and the beasties that you should eject when the going gets rough. but this is to say that even though the grass is never greener on the other side, it might fill your lungs with something more to your speed.

now that im all riled up im going to take a subway to a bus to another bus and pop the weasel who is fucking with the program because nobody in the xbi seems like they can find him. and i can find him. i know i can and when i do the sound will be loud and frightening and terrible and i will not only bring his head on a platter.

and i know you read this shit so give yourself up before i catch you because i want to go to the beach today and read my fucking book because it’s great and i thank you agent cridland for loaning it to me.

sk smith rules + flamer disses beck + i heart metafilter

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