hi america.

did you have fun celebrating your birth? i did.

i dont want to be back at work.

we didnt find the dude we were looking for but we’re back at the office cuz we need to be.

have i told you i dont want to be here at work today?

i dont.

have i told you i miss my true love? yep. do.

have i told you i havent been on a hot date in quite a while.

ah monday must you remind me of my faults?

my hair is growing in sorta ok, i guess. i might even be due for a haircut.

so my question to you is, since i really dont write anything interesting on here, according to a few emailers this weekend, why is it that people write this when i simply link them?

thank you, jesus.

today started as any normal day. i woke up around nine, sat at my computer for who knows how long, going through my daily blog rounds, but being a little too early in it, as nobody had updated anything yet. waited ten minutes. checked again. nothing. waited fifteen minutes. checked again. nothing. what could everybody be doing? i answered my own question by telling myself the problem was me, not them. they probably all had lives.

so i went to the grocery store and picked up some goods. after that, i settled back in and resumed checking blogs. ‘alas! tony has updated!’ i said to no one in particular. i read through it in it’s entirety, fully receiving my usual dose of etertainment and satisfaction as i got down to the last line.

and then

a pig zooms past my window.

‘what in the…?’ i said as i got up and surveyed the scene. i soon saw that there was not one pig, but many, all flying and floating about in my front yard. my initial question still unanswered, i sat back down.

i read the last line.

and then continued scrolling.

i paused for a moment. something was awry. something in that line was much too familiar. i scrolled back up.

i was expecting to see a link to another blog i had just read or another site that i had just visited. but instead, it was a link to my own.

so here i am, thinking no way in hell could he have just linked me. it’s not possible. my eyes must deceive me. it must be the smoke from the mountains. it is clouding my reason, fooling my spider senses. surely, that is it.

because if it isn’t, then that means twice now. twice i have been mentioned by my blogger idol. twice i have been looked at by the xbi agent behind the busblog.

and that just defies all reason.

i think i died in my sleep last night and went to heaven.


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