im watching the original Razors Edge.

the remake with bill murray is one of my faves and this one is pretty good too.

i have the strangest life. i took a lot of pictures this weekend. i have two 10 page photo essays that just need to be written. now i know why people dont do photo essays very often.

theyre very time consuming. very.

catch twenty two is if you have things to take pictures about then youre probably having a good time doing those things and then when you get back home and edit them and tweak them and do all the things you have to do then you dont have any time to write because its nearly one am and you have to go to work in the morning.

so you blog instead cuz its quicker.

kobe bryant is being accused of sexual assualt and i have no idea how to feel about it.

if i had a late night sunday radio talk show thats how i would have lead off the discussion.

people would say that theres no way he woulda done anything like that because he has a hot young wife.

other people would say that maybe he would because hes the stud of the galaxy and the lakers are about to get the mailman and the glove just to entertain me.

and then someone would say that when you have the money fame good looks success of kobe if you brushed your hand across a woman accidentally she might sue you for sexual assault just to settle out of court.

and then someone would call in to say that women get attacked every day, why couldnt it happen in colorado in a hotel by mr. kobe bryant.

and then we would probably have to take a commercial.

when we got back i would play some music and being sunday i would invite people to pray for number eight

and for any friends who might need a dose of some good stuff from a bigger place.

and for the cubs who have been sucking. big time.

and then i would pop in some led zeppelin.

something slow

and live

since its the night time.

last chance cafe + mallory + blue cad

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