HI Tonny,

I link you, sorry to tell you.

Tommy , 21mm

Dear Tommy,

have you not seen that ive been linking you on my upper left hand link deal?

dude, your blog is everything i wish the busblog was.

i love your pictures and your stories and your opinions on things.

how many times have you heard me say that i wanted to learn more about the towns around the world and peoples real lives and peoples real thoughts and see the pictures and get the feelings and feel the rock.

you do that every post and im so grateful.

not until the web could regular people see what life is like in other peoples towns every day around the world, and there you are busting from all the way around the other side of the planet.

well hello my friend from china, greetings from america.

i went back in your archives a little and you have great pictures and im grateful, thank you. you inspire me. you make me want to take more real pictures of the people of los angeles. not just of my friends.

i was suprised when you took offense at the Human Rights report that was critical of china. you say, “In response to the Human Right practice report by the U.S, China released its own survey of the U.S Human Right report, and revealed the U.S’s pride and prejudice. A question has been in my head since, why serious?”

and you know what, if youre saying things are cool. then good. you probably know better than me. shit.

anyways, im glad you take the subway and you take pictures from the subway. i like your english. i like your energy. i like your lo-fi design, and your captions, and your realness.

i hope you keep it up.

but please dont worry so much about america. the bush administration is scared of china. and it wants all your money, which means you can get away with whatever you want.

which is only fair since we get away with whatever we want.

our president got away with stealing an election. as fucked as it is, it was a pretty good trick.

a fuckhead, true, but a successful one, and we didnt even vote for him.

yes we are proud and we bully, and are ignorant, etc. and the guys running the show are some of the worst of us.

al gore wouldnta started blowing the shit outta iraq, trust me.

and he definately wouldnta lied about it to get the ok to do it.

hey, i thought the internet wasnt gonna be allowed in china. what happened?

anyways, happy hello my friend.

i love chinese food.

i love yao ming.

i love jackie chan.

ive kissed three chinese girls. maybe four. maybe just two.

i suck at using chop sticks.

anyways, thanks for the nice letter from another world. thanks for having me be your only link. thanks for taking care of business on that side.

i’ll do better to take care of business on this side.

your pal,

tony pierce

hollywood, california

united states

huge fan of 21mm

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