i think im gonna start a secret blog sometime soon.

dont take it as a threat. you havent done anyting wrong. there are things that i cant write in here and its disappointing to me, because even though ive got the best disclaimer in showbiz, you still cant write everything without ruffling feathers or appearing one way or the other way which is sad cuz im just being myself.

for example. theres no way on tonypierce.com that i can write about my job. theres no way.

firstly, if you knew the truth about it, many of you would feel differently about me. not necessarilly in a bad way, but maybe. but whats worse is many of you would feel differently about me in a good way. i dont want that either.

mostly i want to write about things that interest me and concepts that i havent fully formulized yet and its cathartic for me to bring them out in this forum and disect them.

i dont need a zillion people looking at them, thus i dont need a super popular blog in which to bust.

same goes for writing sexy things.

same goes for writing a bunch about baseball.

during the all star weekend i wanted to do nothing other than write about baseball. plus im reading this baseball book and everything that i see here at work and in life i am relating to Moneyball. im trying to see if there are things in my life that i am overlooking because they dont fit into my stodgie ideas of How Things Should Be when all along they were Right On.

i dont really feel comfortable writing about that on here.

same goes with entries that start off with “I dont like…” and “I think that…” and “I dont want…”

my fear is if you make your blog waaaaaaaaaaay too first person it will get dull. who cares what tony pierce thinks every damn day about honey nuts of o’s?

i mean seriously.

then theres the dating.

i have never felt comfortable talking about my real dating life on this thing ever. the only time i felt even halfway ok was when i was dating ashley and i felt ok because i knew that she wanted me to write about her and even though she minded when i said not-so-favorable things, she still liked the press.

not many people are like that, which i totally understand. im not like that.

but there are things that i want to talk about that fascinate me and if thats the context and if those chicks found me through friendster and they all of a sudden find themselves being written about, they might not appreciate it. and i cant blame them.

but the storyteller in me says that the stories must be told. cuz Lord knows youre not telling them. and the chicks arent telling them and if they are theyre not telling them from my point of view which is admittidely twisted, but interesting, to some, at least for right now.

thus the new thing.

tolstoy wrote a diary for his local paper, he kept a private diary, and then wrote one he knew his wife thought was a private one but he kept it to throw her off track.

the new one will keep my fears off track.

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