when some people are doing well and you ask them how theyre doing

they will say, ah, doing fine, knock wood.

and then they’ll knock on some wood.

like if they didnt tap on the innocent wood which probably isnt acutal tree-wood they will stop having a good day or favorable luck.

i dont knock any damn wood.

which might be why i dont always have good luck. but i doubt it.

people are all the time talking about jinxing things.

people think, and you might be one of these folks, that you can control your destiny to the negative if you talk about things or if you dont knock on wood, or if you dont throw the spilt salt over your shoulder, or if you walk under a ladder, or if you break a mirror.

but these same people dont think that you can create “good” luck.

the general rule is, if you have something cool that might happen in the future, its in your best interest not to talk about. this will prevent you from jinxing it.

of course this flies in the face of common sense which says if you talk about something brewing, perhaps those who you talk with will either improve on your ideas or give you a better offer, thus increasing your so-called luck.

if you can turn blue skies to grey, why cant you created the reverse ive often asked.

if i do something and someone says, oh dont do that, thats bad luck i generally say, what can i do for good luck?

to which they can only give me ideas that begin and end with finding pennies or tossing them into a “well” or a shopping mall fountain.

either way the more i looked around this weekend and saw all the great friends i have and thought about where i live and what i get to do every day and people i get to do it with, i thank my lucky stars.

and the man upstairs.

cuz i know that he cares.

if i had a penny for my luck id be a billionaire.

the muffs will play on the street near my home + nocturnal angel + popie

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