i try not to think about the popularity or influence of the busblog


because all that sort of thinking will do is make you not write things.

today is no exception.

today i got an email from a loyal reader who gave me the link to pictures, an address, and a telephone number of kobe’s accuser.

but since i dont know if those pics are really her, it would be crappy for me to put that link on here.

even for all 1,000 of you who frequent this url daily.

but especially for the 10,000 + who would instantly find this site if i posted it thanks in part to Google, or the 100,000+ of your friends who you’d forward the link to.

crazy thing is… if the busblog only got 50 hits a day, i would totally post the link, and maybe the pics, which makes no sense because then those pics would get spread nearly as easilly.

i would do it in hopes that traffic would then increase on my site and catapult me into “A-list” bloggers.

like drudge.

who for some reason isnt posting the pictures.

probably because it isnt confirmed.

not that that ever really mattered to drudge before.

but apparently the popularity of his site has probably reached a level that now he’s probably afraid of getting his worthless ass sued.

i have no money, im not afraid of being sued, but this blog isnt based around rumors and gossip, like drudge’s, so in a way im disappointed that he isnt doing what he does… uh… best.

which is spreading rumor and untruths like a little worm.

but on the other hand, maybe he has grown up a little and has decided that a young blonde girl’s prom picture and home address and home phone number isnt worthy of a few thousand hits.

nice work, retard.

now why dont you dig up some real news today, like how bush knew about 9/11 and how he lied to get us into a war, and how he hasnt found osama or saddam.

for starters.


i think im being honored here, but my italian is only semi-good-o + blackmask

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