im going to retire in santa monica.

know why? because if i decided to drive two and a half blocks through people at the farmer’s market killing men women and children at 2pm, i will be able to get released by the cops and go home in time for dinner.

oh wait, im not white.

and i dont belong to the brentwood presbyterian church.

and im not kindly.

thats the only reason me and my buddy os can figure out why George Russell Weller, 86, isnt in lockdown after killing nine people, leaving 15 with critical injuries and injuring more than 50.

according to a witness who spoke to tv reporters after the melee mr. weller might not be that kindly after all.

“he said after he got out of his car, ‘if you heard me coming, why didnt you get out of the way.'” a woman told the nbc local news.

my buddy os saw the whole beginning of the tragedy.

he said he heard a crash. it was the old man vs. a mercedes sedan. the sedan lost. then old man rammed it again and pushed it out of the way.

os thought he was witnessing a simple hit and run. until he saw a man get tossed into the air and then a woman get crushed while the old mans car continued to accelerate.

he and i wondered if perhaps the old man’s cane got stuck underneath the brake and atop the accelerator, meaning every time he hit the brake the gas was pressed down further.

poor kindly old man.

who got mad at people after he killed them.

but dont you think if you begin to realize that your brake isnt working, that infact youre going faster each time you hit your brake, that you steer into a building or a tree or anything other than people and people and people and children?

kindly answer me this, santa monica cops: if he was black and not old…

no, thats not a fair question.

but seriously, is this reverse agism? when youre old do you literally get away with murder?

and what of his safety? why release the guy when he might want to kill himself once he realizes that he’s an asshole?

and whos gonna clean that up?

and why is it that the tv news didnt ask the question that i keep asking here: how can you be released from custody within hours after you drive down a blocked off street at high speeds and kill people?

according to the la times, the santa monica police chief said that he was released for three reasons:

“One, he’s a licensed driver. Two, he’s a city resident; And three, he’s not a flight risk,” the times reported the chief of saying.

ok so i can drive over people as long as i have a license and i hit the people who live in my town, that part im cool with.

but how does the chief know he’s not a flight risk? whats keeping mr. weller from running over people on his way to mexico. or taking a plane to canada and running people over there?

what makes someone not a flight risk? are his wings clipped?

all i know is mexico is four hours away. three the way bro was driving. and if i was him and i wanted to see my 87th birthday i would head south and say adios, cuz unless the cops are going to pin this on oj, the old man is gonna get it.

i just want to know why he gets to sit at home and wait this out while his victims are either being measured for pine boxes or are being treated in one of the ten local hospitals.

must. learn. to. be. more. kindly.

path of car + maybe the instapundit knows + maybe the good doc knows

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