it’s weird to say that i have fans

but most of my life is weird.

one of my longest-time readers is a sexy momma named tracy, aka trinity, who used to write me after i would post poems in the message boards in aol back in the day.

this was so far back in the day that aol charged $4/hr and my aol bills would average $100 a month. i was using a 14.4 modem and kids, this was well before the www.

thats how old i am.


tracy somehow hasnt aged at all in spirit. today is her birthday and today she writes that shes happy being 30.

i guess i liked my 30s. i finally had control over my hormones and my tallywacker. i finally understood how to express myself verbally and writenlly.

30s are good times. still have some looks left, still have a little idealism and energy, although i remember that was the first time that i would stretch in the morning and get weird cramps sometimes in my legs.

anyhow i love tracy even though ive never met her and hardly ever write about her.

maybe its cuz she is married with kids and the last thing id want if i was someones husband is some blogger slobbering all over my wifey.

back in the aol days she had a picture of herself up on her profile and she looked a lot like mariah carey, but hotter.

that made me happy cuz i love mariah.

happy birthday tracy!


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