since last year didnt count,

it looks like the lakers will get that back to back to back to back championship after all.

i must say that it is hard to root for the lakers since i grew up constantly rooting for the underdog.

pulling for the overdog, and in this case, now, with the uber-overdog is like chanting u-s-a as the american olympic dream team battles the likes of cameroon in hoops.

do i think what the lakers have been able to amass this morning is cheating?

i dont think its cheating, but if i was the commisioner i wouldnt allow it.

it really isnt right.

if you remember, everyone went nuts when shaq left orlando to be a laker and that was pre-kobe, and everyone was expecting dynasties out the ying yang and so far its only been out the ying. but still i dont think its right.

its unfair to the less glamorous teams when superstars say they’ll play for a sole million bucks in order to dish the ball to kobe and shaq.

but i’ll take it.

mostly for my buddy sam who has laker season tickets which have instantly tripled in value, which i will hit him up for next season, since i didnt last season, but i will next season, so get ready, buddy.

and at this time let me tell the lakers that i am willing to play for the lakers for a mere million too.

because i too am old.

and i really would like a ring as well.

your pal,


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