somtimes its tough to keep the busblog positive.

sometimes the shit flows downhill and you realize that youre at the bottom of the hill. sometimes you think that your ways arent any better than anybody elses ways and even though you have done your best to treat people with respect and class and gentle behavoir that they’ll still talk about you like youre some belching fratboy who literally does have notches on his bunkbed and he cant remember which one you are.

and far be it for me to say that the good book teaches us any of this but it does. of course it does.

even Jesus’s disciples, dudes who dropped what they were doing to follow him let him down on nearly every step of the way: outting him, and not trusting him, and lying about him, and dissing him three times before the cock crowed.

stories that are important to remember because the underlying theme is: if this will happen to the son of God, your fate is even worse, fuckhead, so dont be so surprised.

learn from everything is what the good angel says, dont be sexist, dont be racist, dont be religionist, dont be agist. bad angel says are you going to believe that shit? good angel says remember the bus.

when the bus is full it will blow right past a busstop. fast as it can.

if you can catch a glimpse of the driver he will give you the hitchhiker thumb which means “the next bus right behind me will get you.”

theres another bus coming.

one thats better.

one thats not as full. one whose a/c isnt blowing like mad just because it *was* hot outside earlier in the day.

one that doesnt smell of old tacos.

one that isnt driven by someone who doesnt know how to gently apply the brakes.

one who calls out the stops in a pleasant manner, and not in grumbles to himself, or not at all.

one whose passengers are quiet or respectful, who dont gossip and spread lies.

there’ll be another bus coming

the wait wont be that long.

it might feel like its taking forever, and it might actually take a long time

but its coming.

hose monster + alecia + kimbalina + noah

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