had to fight some actual crime today.

it put things in perspective.

made me not be so distracted by things that arent important.

trivial things.

things like how long or short my hair is.

things like how i cant get mtv west coast on my directv.

things like how i dont have a nice tie to wear to coulter’s wedding on saturday.

you learn a lot in the xbi, more than you would in any other agency because in this one people are not afraid to shoot and not afriad to kill and life and living and living in the moment is everything.

every moment is precious.

even this one.

sometimes i’ll see someone kill someone or get shot at and i’ll think, that guy put a tupperware lid on his green beans last night.

and now noones gonna eat those green beans.

and theyre still perfectly good.

but i aint eating no dead mans tupperwared green beans i dont care how good they are.

i see some guys steal dead guys clothes, i think thats not so cool.

people talk about bad karma. i dont believe in karma.

i believe in

fuck, i dont know what i believe in.

i just want to have a good time and save the world.

<3 kristin <3

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