when im wanting to feel a little gangsta

i take off my shirt and put in death certificate and see what theyre saying about me on technorati.



Tony Pierce linked to me on his site along with about 5 or 6 other blogging Jasons. I don’t always agree with his politics and I am sure the reverse is true too but I have always really enjoyed his writing – he is one of the top creative writers on the internet in my opinion and I can’t believe those bastards in LA won’t hire him. In fact, I am a proud owner of not one, but TWO of his books. One of these days I will be able to auction one of those on Ebay for a ka-zillion bucks.

Just heard that a meteorite has hit somewhere around western Washington. Excellent.

Ok, back to the All-Star game.

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rotten little girls plaything:

A new find.

“it was my teenage belief that prostitutes knew more about the love-making process and as long as i made sure that they showered first, then they would be the correct teacher to send me on my way into manhood.” Tony Pierce.com

lynn carrier:

One last thing, thanks for the love Tony. During the last year I have read everything Tony Pierce has written. He has been such an inspiration and example for me.

What really excited me isn’t that he is great, he is great too, but what stuck with me is that his writing improved and it didn’t have to because he was great from the git go.

Check him out. Someday you and I will both say, we knew him when.

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noah glass:


tonypierce.com + busblog: “as if we’re not all gawkers at a terrible wreck on the highway”, damn, tony pierce’s lies contain so much truth…and for what it is worth, I think that you are insane in such an elegant way.

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this means whore:

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

tony made me promise that i would write 6 our of every 7 days. so i am doing this before i do anything else! even though i’m stoned and a little tipsy off of the half bottle of red wine i drank earlier with court… 🙂

makeout city:

everything tony writes makes me laff really hahd. honestly. it’s like watching a pauly shore movie, except you’re not laughing because someone paid for it.

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