why i would fire cubs tv announcer, chip caray,

who claims to be the grandson of the finest baseball announcer of all time, harry caray.

reason number one: he sucks.

july seventh, two thousand and three, wrigley field, chicago.

cubs up 6-3 over the marlins, bottom of the eigth, bases loaded with cubs.

eric karros at bat.

chip caray: “had a great time visiting with eric karros and his wife, mark grudzielanek and his girlfriend last night at the house of blues.

“hootie and the blowfish put on a great concert.

“jim sonnenfeld, one of the members of that terrific rock n roll outfit, kind enough to have us out to that concert last evening.

“let’s see if eric can rock this house with a big hit in the 8th to put it out of reach.”

its bad enough that we have to be cubfans.

but then they make us listen to that.

i kept thinking, what if my kids heard that.

the court says that i dont have any kids anymore, which is a relief because i would point alot and say, be like that, or dont be like that.

or sometimes i would just point and say bad.

i just switched over to the dodgers padres and theres our buddy vin scully showing guys like caray every damn day how its done if you want to play it straight and perfect.

hell, his dad skip is pretty good at playing it straight.

but i think the problem with chip is that either hes possesed by a demon, or he just plain sucks.

and someone who sucks, you cant really do anything about.

chip caray will never bust with the

had a great time with mark pryor and kyle farnsworth as we checked out the black flag reunion show at the caberet metro across the street last night after the game.

rollins said our names were on the list but thats a show i didnt mind paying real money for.

they totally rocked family man, steve.

and you might say, but thats not fair, tony, chip caray would never in a million years say anything like that.

and id say exactly and fire him, because his grampa would have never seen hootie and the blowfish with eric karros.

and if he did he would have been ashamed, and wouldnta outted grudz or karros either.

harry caray wouldnta been anywhere near hootie and the damn blowfish.

he woulda said blowfish? i might be a drunk but im no perv.

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