kristin is a sweet girl.

she worries about what her momma will think about the things she writes on her blog, and i think thats cute. not enough people are concerned about those things, and im starting to think they should.

shes very worried that her momma wont like this picture and i said, whats not to like? you look like an angel.

an angel sitting by a pool.

kristin is such a good girl that she started her blog with her highschool-aged little sister just so that they could stay in touch as kristin went back off to college. has been around about 9 months now, and i am completely shocked that it hasnt taken off and totally surpassed the readership of lesser blogs like, well, this one.

busblog is not written by two hot southern girls who give detailed descriptions of european vacations, sorority house dramas, and blue ribbon-winning horse shows.

the only thing i can imagine is kristin is the main contributer to madpony and shes pretty obviously in love with her long-time boyfriend. could that be the reason that the floodgates of hits dont find their way to oklahoma?

then explain nay, who has had the same boyfriend since she was 14 and is recently talking about marrying him at the ripe old age of 17. nay gets a gazillion hits. (which is a lot.)

traffic and hits and “popularity” are red herrings. they mean as little about good quality content or interesting people as prom court selections. im a huge fan of the madpony sisters because theyre all-american and sweet and wonderful and funny and wholesome and creative.

i dont know what more people could want from a website.

a pg rated one.

from hot sisters

from a tight-knit family.

actually i think i know what would drive more hits and its sad.

imagine if the sisters faught each other in public. little snipey verbal jabs at each other. that would get them attention.

imagine if the sisters wore whorish clothes or talked about sex. that would get them more hits.

and all of that has been done a zillion times and it wouldnt be much different than most of the sites out there that i dont link to and to be honest, i bet a lot of it wouldnt be nearly as interesting as the real stories of real people in a real nice family.

personally i would like it if the gals took more pics of oklahoma and their lives. and i would also like it if lauren contributed more because she can be really funny.

and of course i wish that the horses would submit a few more posts because talking horses are gold.

blog blog blog + mrs. bukkake’s movie reviews + sk smith didnt like the hours?

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