yes, jeanine really is that tanned.

i dont know what to do with myself today. i hafta do laundry. i should just do that. but i dont wanna. its summer. its sunday. its the end of a nice long weekend. thanks fourth of july for giving me all this time to rest and write and be with my friends. best thing i coulda ever done was rent that car this weekend and i did and everything has worked out so well.

last night i was at a bar and several of the ladies were laughing about how long its been since theyve gotten any and i was thinking how can i make this all work out for everyone. but alas, life isnt the porno that we wish it was. maybe one day. maybe one day.

would it be a good thing to be able to cut off your feelings of emotion and just be able to have sex with hot chicks because theres sex to be had. is that maturation or is that tumbling down to the sins of the flesh? and why are flesh sins any worse than any other sins?

ive been known to wish death and or injury upon some people? havent we all? arent we all wishing some sort of harm upon osama and saddam and dubya and george steinbrenner? we’re righteous about our reasons but theyre still rooted in revenge and evil and judgement. is that any worse than wanting to make a girls nipples get hard with something you learned way back in the day?

if im going to be judged as a tool, and if youre going to call it a tool, then why not put me to work.

thats all i want to know.

i do the most ridiculous things and put up with the most insulting situations for that dolla, and yet i get so damn moral about who i bone and who i dont and when and why and how and no wonder im losing my hair.

sunday sunday and this is why the bible didnt ever say once that preachers need to be unmarried and celibate, because not every question can be answered by a guy who doesnt get any, which is why i havent replied to all of your emails


cubs are getting spanked by the cardinals and look at that corey patterson just blew out his knee.

and this girl writes me almost every day and lately shes been saying that if she didnt have her boyfriend things would be so much different and i agree but different doesnt always mean better. sometimes different means worse. sometimes different is a curse. i bought $150 worth of bukowski books for $90 with some slush fund hush money. this summer i think id rather read than go to concerts.

and now instantly the skies opened up at wrigley and dumped a ton of rain and just as fast the sun makes an encore and the bleacher bums are cheering and corey isnt hurt that bad after all and its hot here in la but not butt hot keep windows open hot and i think im going to see if karisa is gonna hang out at the pool today cuz if she is maybe i’ll do laundry over there.

plus she has some juicy gossip to whisper in my ear.

circa 77 + dawn olsen + congratulations katie and matt

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