today they ran the bulls.

and all weekend they showed the south park movie on comedy central completely uncut. even i was a little shocked to here fuck on plain old cable tv.

and equally blown away to hear uncle fucker, that toe tapping ditty, which came across as ten times more dangerous on tv than in the movies. and i love weird powers like that. i love that movie and one day we’ll hear the president say fuck and you know, maybe one day they’ll have boobies on tv. and you know what i’ll do that day? i’ll say fuck.

im watching this country special on trio. thank you canada for trio. its making me love hank sr. that much more, even though its pretty impossible. and its also making me love elvis a little more.

did you know that tsar is gonna play saturday night at the best club in los angeles at ten o’clock and theyre going to rock your face off.

did you know that i accepted an invitation to attend a wedding yesterday which i dont typically do because im not a big fan of weddings but these two are pretty awesome kids but i forgot to ask if i could bring a plus one, and i asked karisa if she would like to come and she said yes yes i like all your friends so now i gotta work on that.

the whalen brothers just invited me to come over and sit on their porch, that sounds fun.

pat got on the phone and he said, there are men pushing carts here, there are cars being worked on, there are trees providing shade. we’ve all gone without sleep.

if i had a talk show called bloggers and raymi was the ed mcmahon, pat would be the star of the show.

theres only two people who could single handedly make you forget about the busblog if they started a blog.

the first would be mr. pat whalen

the other would be his younger brother jeff.

thankfully theyre content simply being rockstars instead.

ok the country music special is over.

time to call rosalita from the showerphone.

the day the bulls called bullshit + a year ago + hula hoopers

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