ive been in california nearly twenty years

and i still consider myself a midwesterner. i still walk outside every day and think damn its nice out today even though its nice every. single. day.

the beach still blows my mind. the cars. the girls. the rock scene. the kind green.

and when i see things that happen in chicago or to my sports teams or to wgn it affects me way more than whats happening in my home state.

the angels won it all last year and i was happy… for matt.

and like a midwesterner highschoolboy when a hot babe comes over and smiles right i usually say the wrong thing, or nothing at all, or act like nerd, and dont say a word.

if i could take a picture of every palm tree in los angeles county and put it in a book i would.

and id name em too.

61. keanuholic

well, not really name them, but be in charge of the name a palm tree department of the county of los angeles.

people have asked me to run for governor, but i dont believe in this recall election, so i wont.

but if i was governor i would solve the budget crisis by letting people name and adopt palm trees for $69.

everybody loves palm trees and everyone loves california.

$69 and we’ll take a picture, send you the coordinates, and put your name on a rock that we’ll put next to the tree.

$69 a year is pennies a day, people.

i bet the first year alone we get a million palm trees named. and if we cant balance the budget with seventy mill, maybe we could build some better schools that year instead.

or a homeless shelter, or fifty.

it is the economy, stupid, which is why my man bill deserves his props. he made something out of nothing while the party poopers made nothing into something.

which is what theyre doing to gray

which is lame.

and lame things should be ignored, not aligned with.

everyone who runs for governor in this recall is saying, “i know its lame, so what, im an unamerican selfish opportunist who really has no respect for elections. but please vote for me in this election.”

when they should instead be focusing on the palm trees.

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