im procrastinating again.

i dont know why this time. now i know exactly what i want to write to the big time web site i want to write about how the red sox can win the world series.

usually the idea part is the hardest part to writing a column and on the busblog you dont even need an idea, you just need a feeling. something. anything. some sort of motion to get you in motion and as karisa has taught me, a body in motion stays in motion, and a mind full of shit stays full of shit.

karisa jim morrisoned into the desert this weekend as did bunnie as did clipper girls cousin and oddly they all went to different deserts.

meanwhile this super hot girl came over looking amazing, smelling clean, hair driving me crazy with sexiness and didnt move when i tried to kiss her until i got right up to her and she curled up like a potato bug

i retreated and she’d smile.

id attack again and shed defend herself.

claiming she couldnt spend the night.

looking at her watch, calling her hot girlfriends, pretending to be interested.

there is a little bit of mind reading necessary to dating and i suppose thats the reason im not interested in teaching the red sox how to win the world series, something they havent been able to do since 1918 ad.

because mind reading is more interesting to write about than breaking curses, making dreams come true, pulling the hearts out of the yankees and showing it to them before they die in a quivvering heap.

cute girls do get away with murder, but im so old, america, that i dont have very much patience for even the cute ones. especially in hollywood, where you cant flick a spent match without poking a supermodel in the eye with it.

i fall in love about every two blocks.

even on the bus theres your choice of all sorts of wonders.

so i dont know if this girl thinks im going to break her heart or if the world is about to go oops upside her head but all i know is i saw a lady in a wheelchair today on the subway, and i wondered what it was like for her to get prognosised with whatever got her into that wheelchair.

and when i day dream the whole story hits me fast and the details fill themselves in even faster. depth is created. nuances. dialogue. background details.

i thought about what it must have been like to get told that you couldnt walk any more and i thought of the things you couldnt do and the first thing i thought was i couldnt wrestle with the right girl in the right way in the right places on the best nights.

so this girl was sitting on my couch and im thinking tick tock baby this is fun but life goes so fast it makes you wonder if its a race but one thing it isnt is is a fakeout game of lets watch the grass grow.

it made me remember the games i had to deal with a long time ago that nobody won.

theres lots of games i like playing but peek a boo or even advanced peek a boo dont do it for me the way they used to.

i should be nice to her. nicer to her. im not the easiest person to eat pizza with.

and im still procrastinating.

so the sox will have to wait

another lousy day.

blue cad + aaron’s baseball blog + d.lo

i have a lot of favorite blogs.

but the ones that i keep going back to day after day week after week month after month are the blogs written by the ladies.

and this weekend i was trying to figure out why this was, and i think its because the best blogs that i like are the personal ones that have to do with stories and emotions and real life and nuttiness and i know youre not supposed to pick favorites but youre also not supposed to do a lot of things that i do.

and i think right now my favorite writer and favorite blog is the always entertaining and dangerous splink.

unlike Bunnie (who has been my favorite for a long time) who even in her weakest moments is totally together and in control and sexy and wonderful and adventerous, our girl flagrant always seems on edge and crazed and paranoid and yet Still seems sharp and smart and fascinating and surprising.

for example she is totally freaked out to roam around LA, her hometown, in the daytime, and yet she’ll fly off to Bali alone to combat bugs and strangers and foreign languages and SARS with no worries whatsoever other than getting her frequent flier miles.

i want to think that she writes her life in a more dramatic way than it is, but something about her tales are very believable, and it makes me super happy that she keeps on blogging it down and keeping herself out there.

some might look at what she writes as being crazy. you might even look at what she writes as being crazy. i dont think shes the slightest bit crazy. if anything i think shes awesome.

splink takes great pictures, has decent taste in music, is living a traveler’s dream, but most importantly she writes about her parnioas and complexes and issues in an educated and creative way.

people have said that they feel blessed that good bloggers dont charge for the entertainment that they provide, i feel blessed that we get this sort of stuff at all, because typically people who can provide the sort of blog that flagrant does are either too nuts to write it down properly, or too paranoid to keep it going or to keep it on the web.

like Bunnie, flagrant also has successfully remained anonymous, only photographing her shoes or a hand, or a shadow, which is a tough trick to keep up.

so i have imagined her as a blonde mandy moore (pictured).

regardless, she has proven that its the words and stories that matter, not the pictures of the author.

rock on valley girl.

when you seriously do dump your supermodel boyfriend and buy a house in santa barbara and look for a husband, all i can say is look no further.

a year ago i interviewed flagrant + her old blog + her new blog

one day i’ll get married.

i might be 209, but the day will come.

i might not be the shooting guard for the lakers but i will marry a nice girl and i can guarantee you one thing, i wont ever cheat on her.

i can guarantee you another thing, if i ever did, in a moment of weakness, cheat on my young bride, i would not buy her a $4 million ring.

a big gaudy ring that if i ever looked at i would remember the colorado teen who accused me of sexual crimes and her young ass that i tapped.

why would you want to remember that?

why would you want a glittery sparkely expensive albatross around your lover’s finger?

other than for resale value.

i bet you right now you could get $6 million for that $4 million ring.

maybe $8 million.

its the most famous $4 million ring ive ever seen. and the dumbest.

if i cheated on my hot wife and i wanted to make it up to her financially i would buy her a $4 million rose orchard and let her run the place.

id name the roses “kobes”. theyd be expenisive roses. like $100 a dozen.

for when you really love your girl.

or really

for when you royally f up.

on sad days my wife could stroll through her acres of roses and smell the lovliness that sin has ironically brought her way. and on happy days she could see the bottom line that the business venture has reaped her way.

imagine the dynamic that men and women could have in the future:

man: im so sorry baby.

woman: yeah, sorry you got CAUGHT.

man: no really baby, im so so sorry.

woman: i know you’re going to get me some kobes.

man: baby im gonna get you two dozen kobes.

woman: so you really ARE sorry, arent you?

man: oh yes i am. of course i am.

woman: oh i love you.

man: i love you too.

once again, the busblog helping mankind before lunchtime on a monday morning.

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