if i could have been anywhere in the world yesterday,

besides being exactly where i was, which was terrific, as in terrific, as in wildly wonderful and amazing and nice… and a little bit sexy, i would have been about 80 miles southeast of mexico city where the last VW Beetle rolled off the assembly line to the sounds of the mariachi.

firsts are nice, lasts are really nice, especially when they are amazing lasts.

adios el beetle, mi amigo, mi amore.

60. folded space

clipper girl has been getting muy jealouso that me and her cousin have been exchanging a variety of emails and hot dates and late night dinners at the ihop so she decided to pick me up at the office last night knowing i would be pretty tipsy from our xbi summer party.

the party was super fun. the barenaked ladies played who suprisingly didnt suck. captain morgan and the morganettes were there. one of the fellas, this white guy started rapping and the crowd went nuts. all the hotties in the office posed for pictures with me. good times were had by most. i was so happy with the glowing review and the relief and with life that i even ate an entire veggie meal and barely even noticed.

then clipper girl picked me up in her convertible and took me home and i didnt even turn on my computer, we went straight to bed and listened to the Lion King blaring from my neighbor’s house which meant she was probably getting some cuz she never has the music blasting.

clipper girl, if you remember spent a few weeks in maui after the nba season ended and got super tanned and it hasnt worn off at all, and i dont know if its my faulty memory or what but when i got out of the bathroom and saw her reading one of my new bukowski books on my bed i was stunned.

whats this hot chick doing in my house, let alone my bed?

how does these things happen to me– not all the time but way more times than i would have ever expected it.

my place is a mess, my hair is a mess, no car, hell, this is the first of august and i dont even have a bus pass yet. and still the girlies want to show me their tan lines

i cant see any tan lines

look closer

nope, still cant see any

theyre there look closer.

and sometimes its good to have blurry vision and a hot girl who likes to play moonlight games.

and once again i win the luckiest man of the day award.

folded space + kzug + folded space