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about howard stern censorship america, etc.

by ambra

Cry me a river. Conservative morality is being [shoved] down peoples throats? Hardly compares to the Liberal agenda shoved down most peoples’ throats when they turn on most major television networks, go to public school, or try to see a movie.

The point is, LOTS of stuff is being shoved down people’s throats from all different directions. No single political party is wielding the sword here.

You better believe that Democrats are just as strategic if not more at getting their message across in convoluted ways. Political parties are just evil. All 100 of them. No good can come from “group think”.

Stop all the whining and just be thankful you can actually make a choice politically. There’s always someone worse off than you. It’s easier for us to feel better about our own lack of productivity by blaming everything on the big bad government.

Americans make me sick. Myself included. (Yes that’s right, I make myself sick). We’re so lazy, but we can somehow manage to post on our blogs how much we hate the government or how disenfranchised we are. Meanwhile, the average immigrant can come here and make twice as much money as we do, own 6 businesses, and manage to raise their kids to replicate the process. Why? Because they recognize that authority is authority and they can bitch and moan but it’s not going to change their situation. They actually DO something in spite of the government. So I say, we’re full of excuses and I think it’s a load of crap. People need to step outside of themselves. How does what we do as individuals impact the same issues we complain about. In spite of our problems, we’re freakin’ blessed to live in a country like America and that shouldn’t be forgotten. Whoever catches that revelation will be the most successful in life. Period.

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heres the thing

i dont want to write about politics. i dont want to write about how i hate the president of the united states.

i dont want to ever write anything about how america has flaws.

but you people make me.

and by you people i mean you people who allow this shit to continue to happen.

no the sky isnt falling, duh. no my tin hat isnt being refitted because of my new haircut.

my tin hat is made of tin and therefore is adjustable. bitches.

but you cannot deny that there is definitely a conservative morality being shoved down the throats of an america who did not vote for the current administration and im sorry but it isnt an american agenda.

pro-war despite no proof of threat, anti-gay despite no proof of threat, anti-nipple despite no proof of threat, anti-free speech despite no proof of threat, pro-halliburton, pro-patriotact, pro-high gas prices, pro-racist judges… thats not american. and i dare say that thats not even republican.

its repugnant.

howard stern did not do anything illicit or racist or offensive or illegal the other day. if he hadnt been dropped from those stations, his show the other day wouldnt have even been considered controversial.

what happend the other day was a company that owns 1,995 more radio stations than it should violated a contract.

what happened the other day was Clear Channel made up a No Tolerance Policy and yanked a radio show before even explaining what it was not going to tolerate.

what happened the other day was censorship inspired by the FCC which is an arm of the current administration and the SON of the Sect’y of State.

any idiot who says that the issue isnt with the gov’t , that it’s with the FCC or Clear Channel has its blinders on too tight.

republicans are supposed to be pro-business. pro-profit. less government interference. howard stern made tons of money for Clear Channel and everyone else that he worked for. and he did it legally.

what went down yesterday should have riled up a lot more Republicans than just Rush Limbaugh.

i hate that it riled me up because i had lots of stories to tell you about all the pussy i got.

instead i had to focus on this bullshit.

which is bullshit because this too will pass.

no i dont think that this republic is in permanent trouble. no i dont think that this is the end of the world.

i am sure that the pendulum will swing back and people will actually fight for a mans freedom of speech.

what bothers me is how many truly intelligent people have just allowed the basic rules of how government works to get royally assfucked starting with the hanging chads and continuing through to what happened to the king of all media yesterday.

and you sit there.

and you chortle cuz its not happening to you.

let hillary not get the popular vote and watch rush’s head explode.

let rush get his show yanked over something totally legal and watch drudges head explode.

you motherfuckers nearly had conniption when bill clinton got a little tail. you wanted his ass fired and you applauded when our congress stopped everything to put his ass on trial.

this was during a time of great abundance in this country and you fucks ran him out for getting some.

you had investigators all up in his shit for a thousand personal, worthless, bogus nitpickings that had nothing to do with the country and you loved it.

now we have a president and a vice president who are doing things to this country and to the people that is far more outrageous than lying about blowjobs.

and you sit there.

and you comment and tell me to grow up.

and some of you dont even say anything.

id tell you to fuck off but ive used all my fuck yous for the week yesterday.

those of you who agree with me, thank you. not thank you for agreeing, but thank you for saying so.

now do the next best thing and not only vote these bums out, but inspire just one or two of your relatives and loved ones to vote these bums out too.

and then i can go back to writing about what my fingers smell like.

which is what everyone wants me to do anyway.

myself included.

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