it’s nba allstar weekend here in la.

and everyone is celebrating magic johnsons contribution to the game.

all i have to say is motherfucker makes us forget that he has AIDS.

he looks better, sounds stronger, looks fatter than ever before.

he doesnt even look like hes aging, let alone dying.

magic johnson played every position in the finals as a rookie including center because kareem got hurt, and the lakers won the championship and now hes beating AIDS.


he has a half dozen movie theatres here in LA in the hood.

several starbucks as well.

bought fat burger, the best hamburger chain in LA.

and TGIF!

i wrote a letter to him when i was in college when it was discovered that he got HIV.

im glad they got a tv show together and had jessica simpson sing for him.

im glad they made an ugly statue of him to put infront of staples.

but they should put one in front of the forum too. a better one. a bigger one.

cuz thats where he kicked everybodys ass.

except for that time that mj kicked his ass.

i love you magic.

if i was the mayor, id name the ten the magic johnson freeway.

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dear readers of the busblog,

happy valentines day.

i hope that this day brings you love and happiness and sexiness and smiles. for thats what each of you bring to me every day.

some of you comment. thats nice. some of you write. thats nice. some of you take off your clothes for me and send me the pictures. sometimes thats nice.

some of you have started to write for Lick. that might be the nicest thing of all.

some of you give me money or bid on my auctions or buy my crap. thats unbelieveable.

and then some of you, better still, come over to my house and do some of the most amazing things. thats, well, bizzare. i dont understand any of that one bit. but i love it, and im grateful.

love is all around. and for that im also grateful.

i love living in LA i love living in hollywood i love living near my friends and in the warmth and minutes away from two terribly gorgeous exgirlfriends who continue to love me in ways no one including me can fathom.

i love living in the town that tsar built. punk rock has its own standards of success. no one could refute the sex pistols being successful despite only having one album and one us tour. tsars new record comes out very soon and it’ll be interesting if their label does a better job with hyping that record better than they’re hyping labelmates the polyphonic spree who are also creative and poppy.

i love being able to get away with murder in just about every aspect of my life except my career.

i love the people who i work with and my view of los angeles.

i love that ive been able to make out with the hottest girls in town.

i love that ive been able to pull off this no car thing.

i love the internet and its free porn and music and movies. thank you mr. gore. yes, this does make up for tipper.

i love you dsl i love you direct tv and tivo for you i must thank the Lord above. thank You thank You thank You.

i want to thank the good people of Captain Morgan’s for keeping me stocked up with that spiced shit, i love you all.

i love the wacky kids at Blogger slash Google who made all of this possible. some say the blogging revolution was inevitable and i call bs on that. a Lot of things pre-dated blogging including full blown web sites. but there was something missing in Live Journal and Open Diary and Geocities and aol and message boards and yahoo groups. blogger nailed it, made it easy, were able to handle the periods of success and not implode like whats happening over at friendster. i love what theyve created and im indebted.

i love ebay and paypal and hugh hefner for showing us how its done and i love the ghost of charles bukowski who haunts what is now known as little armenia.

i love herbal remedies, the woman who makes the tom kha kai at palms thai, the old man who tells me dirty jokes in the morning at the xbi gift shop when i get my oj and bagel.

i love howard stern.

i love my true love.

and i love my mom.

happy valentines day america,


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