this is me

pry it from the fingers

i hate life. i hate everything. hi.

a hot chick is gonna take me to do laundry with her, so thats cool. but if the earth opened up here in hollywood and sucked this godforsaken building down i would only be sorry for the people who discover chopper one because once they put it back together it will be a shock to them that mankind could create a machine so good while turning their backs on other machinery that could do things like, oh, say, feed starving people or find water in desert areas.

which they could, of course. if there was a way to make money off the poor.

instead they built this beast to keep the madding crowds in line and to steal from the rich and spy on the thieves.

the clouds are beautiful today. the sun in shining. the air is crisp. the girls are wearing cute little scarves and ugg boots. their flowers are wilting in their button holes their dreams havent been crushed yet like mine have, their boyfriends havent been found out yet and their daddys still pay for their miatas.

but one day they will look in the mirror and see what i just saw: the cold hard truth.

bitter bubbles the babbling brook of broken backs on which this “fair” city was born.

and fie on the fucks who stir its broth for the unsuspecting.

man walked into a bar last night as i was paying my tab and asked me if i had a few minutes to listen to his pitch and i said i have all the time in the world as long as he was talking about jesus

he said he had something better to talk about than the lord

i said youve got something better than everlasting life

he said you really want this to last forever

so i sat down and got the tab open again.

turned out he just wanted to have someone to talk to until the rain ended.

i made him pay for my baileys and i told the fuck to get a blog next time.

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attentions ladies of Tampa, Florida!

Because you are a reader of the busblog, you are exclusively invited to witness the debut of the new fashion line by Jones New York at the Jones New York Signature launch fashion show-cocktail party-awards ceremony-shopping spree

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Burdine’s- 2nd Floor

298 West Shore Plaza

Tampa, FL 33511

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Please RSVP either directly to or via phone (800-856-5601) with

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If you don’t live in the Tampa Bay area but know someone who does, please let them know about this event!

whats wrong with this fucking picture?

other than it makes me want to puke.

the chicago cubs are owned by the tribune corp. tribune corp also owns over a dozen newspapers (including the chicago tribune, newsday, and la times) and two dozen tv stations.

the cubs were one pudge rodriguez away from winning the world series last year and this winter 32 yr old pudge was up for grabs to the highest bidder and guess what tribune corp said

nah, too expensive.

pudge was the world series mvp maybe the playoff mvp and definitely the biggest reason that the fish won the series last year and all he wanted was $10 million a year for 4 years and the trib only offered a 3 year contract.

tightwad asswad trib corp’s earnings jumped 75% last quarter. their revenues rose 3% to $1.47 billion. of all their assets the Cubs are the most beloved and worthy of a slight injection of funds.

yet they pass on giving the latin backstop the market rate.

fuck tribune corp.

i hope they get papercuts counting all the damn money they saved.

dont they think an allstar catcher like pudge could work wonders for young pitchers like carlos zambrano, mark prior, and kerry wood, the heart of the cubs success last year?

no they dont think that cuz they dont give a shit about the cubs. they only care that the cubs deliver profit year after year. if theyre winning or not.

tribune corp looks at that picture to the right inbetween spritzes with a huge cigar in their fat mouths, towel boys bringing them french water and they think, yeah, we just saved $40 million.

but they didnt save any $40 million.

theres 3-4 catchers in the pros who mean anything and two of them are over 30. hell, all of them might be over 30, and one of em just won the damn world series and today he’s wearing a hat for a bunch of losers.

but the biggest losers are the cub fans.

cuz life isnt fair.

and the rich only get richer.

and when they die

they will burn the brightest

and i cannot wait for that day.

cuz they wont go to heaven hoarding their wealth and not spreading the love to the cubs.

and if they do get to heaven

and if im there too

theres gonna be an eternal ass kicking delivered by yours truly

every night

right after hendrix plays.

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