they’re cracking, america.

in the wake of getting his retarded ass kicked last week by sen. kerry in the debate, today the bush administration announced that the president will have a speech with the nation on wednesday to set the record straight.

which pretty much is a vote of no confidence in the vice president who is scheduled to debate sen. edwards in a few hours.

cheating? can a president abuse his power by holding a (you’d think) nationally broadcast “speech” (free commercial) to say all the things that he didnt say last week?

freaked to all shit? should a president with two more debates coming up freak out and resort to reading from a tellyprompty after it has become painfully obvious that he simply cannot think on his feet regardless of how much prepping he is given?

is this the october suprise? many have speculated that this october, if his back was against the wall, that bush would “find” osama bin ladin, revealing him in chains for all to see like a modern day king kong.

whatever it is, it’s lame, desperate and pathetic, says this blogger, but not at all unexpected from the always tricky republican party who never stops trying to win, and for that deserves a little credit.

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Concerned by a loss of momentum after his debate with John Kerry, US President George W. Bush has abruptly scheduled a major speech for Wednesday in hopes of halting the erosion of his lead in the polls.

In a rare, last-minute change in the presidential schedule, Bush has scrapped a planned talk on medical liability and instead will give what the White House called a “significant speech” about the two central issues of the campaign — the war on terrorism and the economy, The Washington Times reported Tuesday.

The president is said to be eager to rebut Kerry’s attacks on such issues, especially those that came during last Thursday’s presidential debate, according to The Times.

“There has been an attempt by the president’s opponent to launch false attacks and mislead the American people on these big priorities,” the paper quotes White House press secretary Scott McClellan as saying. “There are some big differences facing the American people, and the president wants to highlight those differences.”

another video showing the repubs staying on message + sk smith + sing it and they will come

today is my lawyer kim’s 22nd birthday

hottest, bestest entertainment lawyer on the hemisphere. i might be ten thousand years old when my ship comes in, but when i do she will get her fifteen percent.

it never hurts to have a good friend as your lawyer.

several years ago the state of california claimed that i was somebodys babys daddy.

superhero kim set the record straight.

if i was a better friend i would have sent her flowers today, but i suck. instead all i got her was some floor seats to see wilco next month. which you can do when your beautiful attorney has esquiste taste in music. a rarity with women, im learning the hard way.

i took her advice the other day and began the experiment that ended yesterday.

she told me that there was need for a real entertainment blog.

i disagreed with her.

she insisted, telling me that as someone in the industry, she had a difficult time finding one blog in her busy schedule that she could click to throughout the day that would tell her what was happening in the world of entertainment.

although she can afford it, she said the variety web site was for the suits in the industry and rarely told her about the alternative world and the underground.

she said that even though she liked eonline, they had no frequently updated page dedicated to the everflowing news cycle.

and she clued me onto the fact that mtv was worthless as a reliable news source, and yahoo/reuters was rarely any good for breaking news.

so she told me to send an s.o.s to my readership to keep their eyes and ears open to news as it happened.

we had both noticed how fanatical fan-based websites and message boards always had the best news first. be it picutures from britney’s wedding or paparazi shots of celebs, the fan sites were always up-to-date and pretty much any star/show/film/genre had one or two very-well maintained sites chock-full of juicy news waiting to be mined.

the tricky part was finding a network of “readers” who would come back home with the links.

she asked me to try to experiment with my readership to have them bring home the bacon. she told me that i would know if i had succeeded if i could beat variety or eonline or yahoo or the others with a post.

late afternoon yesterday i posted three items after my late lunch. one was re-reporting the variety news blurb that chinese director john woo was going to make He-Man.

when, an hour later, eonline published their piece, i knew that my lawyer was right: a good blogger, even in the middle of a busy work-day, with help from his readers, can beat a huge site to a story.

neither of us thought that it could be done in the first day, with very little word-of-mouth, but i guess thats why she gets the big bucks and im still riding the bus.

happy birthday kim, youve done it again.

kim + kim + kims fridge