my arms are buzzing.

theyre gonna fall off any minute. the hands are cold and tingly. the wrists.

i have the libido of a 17 yr old and the hands and arms of a 111 yr old. blame the xbi.

i wont quit there because it inspires the busblog, but what good is it if the guy has to write it with his nose. which i will do. if necessary. cuz the tales need to be told.

only pussies dont play hurt.

little mans phone wouldnt stop ringing. he said what do you do when your phone wont stop ringing. he tried to just let it ring but then it filled up his answering machine. he doesnt want a phone but he has the best number ever.

and thats why i love working with little man.

today the busblog gave me two things.

the first is the first text ad ive ever accepted. best thing about it is it’s completely unsolicited.

thats what was good about that sbc thing too.

thats how life oughtta be. everyone knows your email address and your paypal address and they can just offer you nice things.

you dont have to say yes if you dont wanna.

i cant believe the sox left timlin in.

speaking of project du. for those of you who arent interested in getting me a birthday gift as i turn 111 in a week and a half. to which i totally understand.

but if you want to something nice for me that doesnt cost anything heres what you can do:

do me a favor and please go to the site, download the blog reader, use it for a little while and then tell me what you think.

i have always been honest with you and you should know what the products are that are being pimped on the busblog.

one of the blogs that are prepacked in the free reader is sterogum who has recently had some great britney coverage

well, today scott links to the new gwen stefani video.

q. hows the song?

a. god shes pretty.

q. no really hows the song?

a. she just might be flawless.

q. yeah but how do you like the 80s thing shes doing?

a. i cant wait to hear the track dre produced.

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the_busblog: rock childe

on manhattan beach

karisa: yo

the_busblog: busy?

karisa: not crazy so.

karisa: how are you/

the_busblog: not bad

the_busblog: i want to interview you for this bosox/yankee thing about to go down

karisa: haha- oh yeah?

the_busblog: how about in 30 minutes?

karisa: ok!

the_busblog: ok ready?

karisa: haha- i think so πŸ™‚

the_busblog: karisa j, your team has made it past the anaheim angels

the_busblog: any mixed feelings about your home team creaming the local squad?

karisa: haha- none whatsover.

karisa: i don’t care if i lived IN angels stadium.

karisa: i have never, ever been an angels fan.

karisa: and i hate their stadium even more.

karisa: waterfalls?

karisa: AND the WORST food ever.

karisa: worst.

the_busblog: you didnt have the carrot cake?

karisa: no- but i bet if i did it would have sucked.

karisa: i mean, how can you ruin a pretzel.

karisa: and a sausage grinder?

karisa: and a hot dog?

karisa: AND- how can you justify playing a lame song like ‘calling all angels’ EVERY inning.

the_busblog: easy tiger

karisa: boston fans would have raided the pa booth and beat the person playing it up.

karisa: sorry.

the_busblog: do you have any angst saved up for the yankees?

karisa: you asked πŸ˜‰

karisa: hahahah- don’t get me started.

the_busblog: tonights game stars which pitchers?

karisa: my man, schilling.

the_busblog: pedros not your man?

karisa: he is….

karisa: but i am nervous for him.

karisa: he’s got game 2…. but i think it will be ok.

karisa: maybe… he needs to repent for last year πŸ˜‰

the_busblog: remind the readers what pedro would have to repent for

the_busblog: if it isnt too painful

karisa: haha- uh- game 7…

karisa: staying in when he should have come out. giving up that heartbreaking homerun…

karisa: i can’t really talk about it anymore… πŸ˜‰

the_busblog: was that grady littles fault or pedros?

karisa: but i have a much better feeling this time.

karisa: grady’s.

karisa: pedro is still on the team so i am not going to talk too much shit.

karisa: he has still done lots of good!

the_busblog: who’s the new manager of the red sox?

karisa: i know who it is, tony.

the_busblog: yes but i dont karisa

the_busblog: f the al

karisa: i know it is terry francona… you do not need to quiz me about the players πŸ˜‰

karisa: hahahah!

karisa: TONY!

karisa: f the AL?

the_busblog: yes

the_busblog: the junior circuit

karisa: we have THE best rivalry in baseball though.

the_busblog: the pansy division

karisa: ‘passion’ division.

karisa: i don’t rag on your cubs.

karisa: i wish they were in the playoffs too.

the_busblog: is johnny damon your favorite?

the_busblog: thank you

karisa: no, but i think he is great.

karisa: david ortiz is my favorite.

the_busblog: if you were single

the_busblog: and your pal kerrie was single

the_busblog: and david ortiz was sitting there

the_busblog: who would get him?

karisa: haha- she likes pokey reese.

karisa: and i don’t like him in the ‘i want to jump his bones’ kind of way.

karisa: i think he is a great baseball player.

karisa: jason varitek is super sexy.

the_busblog: so you admit then that you do want to jump johnny damons bones

karisa: johnny damon- i’d probably just like to smoke pot with πŸ˜‰

karisa: or just have a few beers with.

the_busblog: do you like the unshaven caveman johnny or should he visit the queer eye fellas?

karisa: i think his look is working for him.

the_busblog: is this red sox team better or worse without nomah

karisa: brady is our new england representative of the metros πŸ˜‰

karisa: as hot as he is.

karisa: sigh…

the_busblog: that will be deleted

karisa: haha- whatever!

karisa: i don’t want to answer that.

the_busblog: youre in post-nomar denial?

the_busblog: thats sweet

karisa: well i just think it should be left alone. we loved him while he was with us and wish him the best.

the_busblog: very diplomatic

the_busblog: now i have asked you privately

the_busblog: so i will ask you publicly

the_busblog: if the sox win the series

the_busblog: a first in 1,000 years

the_busblog: and the pats win the superbowl

the_busblog: and if kerry wins the presidency

karisa: 86 years, thank you.

the_busblog: will you pose nude for the busblog

the_busblog: you can wear red sox

karisa: hahaha- i told you. you’d have to ask permission from my boyfriend AND my mother.

karisa: and my mom has never even uttered the f-word.

the_busblog: is she a big sox fan?

karisa: i’d say bigger than myself even.

karisa: she doesn’t miss a game.

the_busblog: i think i can get her to say yes

the_busblog: i would work the angle that it would be good “luck” if you agreed to such an offer

karisa: haha- i bet that would only happen if the earth’s rotation decided to spontaneously change direction and she developed a severe case of schizophrenia.

the_busblog: she wouldnt even approve of it for her beloved ball club?

karisa: nope. she doesn’t care about the patriots as much.

the_busblog: yes, but she loves the sox

karisa: and what makes you think my boyfriend would agree?

the_busblog: i have information that might persuade him

the_busblog: ok, yankees…

the_busblog: are you happy that the sox will play the yankees again to see who gets in the world series?

karisa: i think that it will only really count if we beat the yankees to get there.

the_busblog: in my opinion the only match up worth watching is the sox-yanks

the_busblog: who do you hate the most of the yankees?

karisa: i agree with you.

karisa: hmmmmm….

karisa: i hate derek jeter.

karisa: not a fan of sheffield.

the_busblog: more than a-rod?

karisa: more than a-rod.

karisa: a-rod hasn’t proved to be too much of a threat.

the_busblog: other than the greatest catch ever?

the_busblog: how do you feel about joe torre?

karisa: honestly?

the_busblog: please.

karisa: joe torre looks like my neighbor from when i was younger.

the_busblog: ahahaha

karisa: everytime i see him i think that mr. mcdonald has quit the fire department and is posing as the coach of the yankees.

karisa: he is irrelevant to me.

karisa: nice nostalgia.

the_busblog: is zimmer still a coach for the yanks?

karisa: hmmm…. i haven’t seen him in awhile- i have no idea.

the_busblog: i doubt it but i would like to see another pedro/zim brawl

the_busblog: that has to be one of the best of a long line of great sox/yanks moments

karisa: haha- nah. i think the last brawl involving a-rod was better.

karisa: ok- maybe not as memorable and/or funny….

karisa: but i still don’t like to see an old man go down like that. plus, i think it sort of hexed pedro.

the_busblog: interesting

the_busblog: perhaps it did hex him

the_busblog: however if pedro pitched for any other team, youd probably hate his guts, no?

karisa: well i don’t have to worry about that right now, do i? πŸ˜‰

karisa: and i don’t really hate ex-red sox players usually….

karisa: unless they go to the yankees… cough (wade boggs…) cough (roger clemens)

the_busblog: as we wrap up, what is your favorite sox/yankee moment?

karisa: it will be the one where we beat them in game 5 to get into the world series.

the_busblog: was that 86?

the_busblog: my mind is foggy

karisa: no- i mean this series upcoming.

the_busblog: ahahahahaha

the_busblog: youre the best karisa, thank you for granting us this interview

karisa: hahah- my pleasure, tony πŸ™‚

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Vote For Change Concert

starring bruce springsteen & the e street band, r.e.m., john fogerty, jackson browne, james taylor, the dixie chicks, john cougar melloncamp, keb mo, bonnie rait, babyface, pearl jam, jurrasic five, and dave matthews

live from washington dc’s mci center, 10/11

sundance channel

ive followed bruce springsteen’s career for the last twenty five years. ive seen him perform benefit concerts for amnesty international, he was part of we are the world, and his most famous protest concert caught on film was No Nukes

but never have i seen him do a mini tour to help dethrone one political leader like he and the above mentioned are doing against george w. bush.

and last night they did it wonderfully.

scheduled as a 5 hour affair, i set my tivo to record the rebroadcast of the event “just in case” it ran late, as its difficult to wrangle so many performers on one stage to keep it short when all of the acts are used to being headliners.

indeed this turned out to be wise as the rock ran into a sixth hour complete with all-star jams and pairings of superstars never before combined.

the show started innocently enough with little johnny melloncamp and his country flavored band. he sat on a chair for half of the set. is there something wrong with him that i wasnt aware of? either way it was a good 30 minute set ending with pink houses and it’s timely chorus of “aint that america, for you and me…”

babyface, the r&b pretty boy and producer who co-wrote and produced many acts including eric clapton performed the grammy winning “if i could change the world” that clapton made famous.

james taylor, jackson browne, and bonnie raitt were nice

but r.e.m was spectacular.

who knew that michael stipe had such a great live voice?

and i know yesterday was national coming out day, but has stipey always been soooo fey? as in soooo.

regardless it was cute to see him fawn all over springsteen. its nice when musicians who have been in the biz for 20+ years go out of their way to present the first pressing of their new cd to those who they admire, as stipe did backstage to the boss.

and its twice as nice when rock stars return the favor as bruuuuce did.

stipe: i was just given this special edition of our new cd. its the first one and i would like to give it to you.

bruce: thank you. i would like you to know that i’ve been brushing up on my r.e.m. hint hint.

near the end of the r.e.m. set, bruce was called onstage where he performed “man on the moon” wonderfully. stipe was beaming and bouncing around the stage as the upbeat chorus kicked in.

gay on many levels. the boss rushed off stage immediately as the tune ended. coincidence?

maybe it was just me. homophobe that i can be. for i clearly remember bruce and clarence kissing on tour on stage.

the concert also made me remember that during the clinton administration there was never any political rallies like this where intellectual musicians, millionaires at that, who go out of their way to appear for humanitarian causes, rallying against the democrats.

why is that?

next pearl jam played. i never liked pearl jam. i like vedders voice. occasionally. its still hard to watch. they looked like frat boys during the grunge era. they look like senators sons today. central casting gave vedder a flannel to remind people that he was once relevant in teenie boppers eyes. i love their politics and a few of their songs but even when tim robbins got on stage to sing X’s “new world” the actor seemed far less full of shit than the alleged rocker. cobain is dead, vedder keeps putting out more records, life isnt fair.

next was john fogerty who looks and sounds exactly the same. ridiculously full head of hair and strong voice. his tunes sound more political now then in the late 60s when they came out. wonderful. real. springsteen calls him the hank williams of his generation because he can make simple songs that are so easy to sing, and yet the lyrics are so deep. so true.

dave matthews comes and goes on my tivo. thank you tivo.

and then out came the man. bruce springsteen and the e street band.

time has done wonders for several members of e street.

the mighty max wineberg appears nightly on the conan o’brien show, the best late night talk show on tv, when he’s not traveling the world with the boss.

third string guitarist miami steve “little steven” van zant appears each sunday on hbo’s “the sopranos”, the best drama on tv – even when its on reruns.

clarence clemons is still the big man and its always nice to hear his rich tone.

and then theres bruce himself who only gets more handsome somehow as time goes by, and tougher, and stronger, and more powerful. sadly his new records only get sappier and more somber and less important.

last night was the exception. he had found his place in the sun. he was the leader of a band of brothers who identified the enemy and were poised to help the cause to blot it out.

they didnt have to spread any lies, or pass out propaganda. infact they did just the opposite, they reminded their audience in the final all star jam that the power was with the people. that the people could decide their own destiny.

as bruce said on stage, if you are happy with the war, vote for bush, if you think the president led a nation to war for false reasons, fire him.

but james taylor had the best advice for the undecided, which miraculously there are still several thousands – if not tens of thousands.

he said, look at both candidates

and pick the smart one.

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