this is the month of libra

my birth month. the ruling planet of libra is venus. goddess of love.

most librans believe in the ideals of peace and love. we yearn for balance and fairness and harmony.

we’re usually creative and open minded while looking for the beauty in things, the poetry, the grace.

because of this, libras make good writers, fair judges, objective ombudsmen.

being the cardinal (the leaders) of the air signs, we can see the truth in intellectual ideals but understand the pragmatism necessary to make the idea reasonable and practical.

we’re not afraid to tell the world that we love it.

i love you world.

the bad news is we get bored very easilly. we can be sluts. we can talk to much and be narcisistic (hello, its called and because it’s so easy to see many many possibilities, sometimes its hard for us to make a decision.

we’re also not as violent as the xbi would probably want us to be.

or very confrontive.

or all that great with follow-up.

as you know, im a freak. part of that might be due to the fact that since i was born on 10/22, i am part libra part scorpio.

scorpios like mystery. it may appear that a scorpio is putting everything on the table, but that would be the fakeout. theres a shell on the scorpion. theres also a tail with a dagger on its tip so watch it.

the good news is scorpios are the sexiest of the signs. love is second only to sex. and that sex ends with three x’s.

a scorpio will tell the world that it loves it, but only on a blog that says “nothing in here is true.”

i love you, world.

scorpios can keep a secret that would kill a libra to hold on to.

you could find yourself in a conversation with a scorpio and not realize that he or she hasnt said a word, simply mesmorized you with their smile, egged you on with their nods.

ask a scorpio how hes doing and the answer will ususally end in a “how are you doing?” and it’s not because theyre being polite.

ive met several people born on my birthday. the last one i met was naked within minutes after she found out what day i was born. who were we foolin. sex + love equals dirty tender friskiness with a healthy dose of intellectual narciscism that led to the battle of the loins.

and then we never talked to each other again.


the closest thing to astrological perfection ive ever experienced.

so if you feel love in the air this october, dont fight it.

it doesnt need to be sex love or crush love, it could just be a love of a thing or a place or a feeling or even a smell.

the goddess of love is here in large doses.

enjoy her while you can

and on 10/23 prepare for the sultry sting of the scorpion.

r.i.p. superman + is the president losing his mind? + pink floyd reunion?! + webtv makes a comeback

3 Western States to Vote on Pot Proposals

By DAVID CRARY, AP National Writer

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Bush administration’s war on drugs stretches deep into Asia and Latin America, yet one of its most crucial campaigns — in the eyes of drug czar John Walters — is being waged this fall among voters in Oregon, Alaska and Montana.

In each state, activists seeking to ease drug laws have placed a marijuana-related proposal on the Nov. 2 ballot as part of a long-running quest for alternatives to federal drug policies they consider harsh and ineffective.

If all three measures are approved, Montana would become the 10th state to legalize pot for medical purposes, Oregon would dramatically expand its existing medical-marijuana program, and Alaska would become the first state to decriminalize marijuana altogether.

Walters has been campaigning in person against the measures, taking a particularly aggressive role in opposing Oregon’s Measure 33. It would create state-regulated dispensaries to supply marijuana, let authorized growers sell pot to patients for a profit, and allow patients to possess a pound of it at a time instead of the current 3-ounce limit.

“They use medical marijuana as a Trojan horse,” Walters said of the measure’s supporters. “People’s suffering is being used for legalizing drug use beginning with marijuana and moving forward.”

Oregon and Alaska are among nine states which, since 1996, have adopted laws allowing qualified patients to use medical marijuana. The others are California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, Vermont and Washington.

The U.S. House defeated a proposal in July to stop the federal government from prosecuting people who use marijuana for medical reasons in states that allow it. A case raising that same issue is to be considered soon by the Supreme Court.

Oregon and Alaska activists say their ballot measures would eliminate problems patients now face in obtaining enough marijuana to ease their suffering.

In Oregon, for example, the 10,000 patients enrolled in the current program must grow their own pot or get it from designated “caregivers” who cannot be paid.

“It takes knowledge, money and everything going right to grow high-quality marijuana,” said John Sajo, 48, a longtime drug-reform activist who runs the Measure 33 campaign from a cramped office. “Most patients suffering debilitating medical conditions just aren’t able to grow their own.”

Madeline Martinez, a former prison guard, does manage to grow marijuana at her Portland home. She appreciates the chance to legally use pot, rather than powerful prescription drugs, to ease the discomfort of her degenerative disc and joint disease.

“Instead of being in a drug-induced stupor, I can interact with my grandchildren,” said Martinez, 53. “It’s given me the quality of life I wanted.”

The Oregon Medical Association differs, calling Measure 33 bad public health policy. Oregon’s prosecutors also oppose the measure, which trails in statewide polls.

“There’s enough stuff out in our world to lead young people astray without adding another one,” said Benton County District Attorney Scott Heiser.

Alaskans will vote on a measure even more far-reaching than Oregon’s — to prohibit prosecution of anyone 21 or older who consumes, grows or distributes pot for private personal use. It would allow authorities to regulate marijuana along the lines of alcohol and tobacco — for example, taxing it and barring its use in public.

Even a leading foe of the measure, former U.S. Attorney Wev Shea, believes it might pass, thanks partly to sophisticated advertising backed by national marijuana-reform organizations.

“They’ve got a lot of money behind them and they’re running a very professional campaign,” Shea said in a telephone interview. “It’s difficult for us on the other side — we don’t get paid a penny.”

Under a 1975 state court ruling, Alaskans already have the tacit right to possess up to four ounces of pot in their homes for personal use. Shea said decriminalization supporters suggest in ads that any crackdown on at-home pot use might be followed by a crackdown on gun ownership.

Shea contended that the state’s top elected officials, and Alaska-based federal authorities, have been too reserved in challenging the measure, apparently because of concerns that they shouldn’t actively take sides in a referendum campaign.

“They’re so worried about offending the so-called freethinkers in Alaska,” Shea said. “But you’ve got to stand up for what you believe in.”

Walters acknowledged that Alaskans’ libertarian attitudes might benefit the other side — but feels approval would be a disaster.

“I don’t think there’s another state that’s suffered as much from substance abuse as Alaska,” Walters added. “It’s shocking that we’d have outside groups working to make this problem worse.”

In Montana, a recent poll indicated the medical marijuana measure would be approved, and few top officials have campaigned vigorously against it. The chief spokesman for the measure, investment adviser Paul Befumo, is aware that such proposals have always prevailed when going before voters in other states. “You don’t want to be the first that loses,” he said.

National drug-reform groups hope state medical-marijuana programs will proliferate, and have produced studies asserting that existing programs don’t trigger increases in youth marijuana use or other feared problems.

“It’s slow and cumbersome to go state by state, but when you do get closer to the people, it seems you have a better chance,” said Bruce Mirkin of the Marijuana Policy Project. “If people keep supporting reform measures, at some point a light bulb will go off over Congress and we’ll see changes at the federal level.”

kerry says he will stop pot club busts + alaskan pot tax? + chicago mayor recommends fining potheads instead of prosecuting


wednesdays on abc

starring that dude from party of five, that dude from lord of the rings, jack osbornes long lost fatter brother, some super hot babe from kingdom hospital, that dude from alias, and the narrator from oz who was in the wheelchair

definately my favorite new tv show, lost makes the survivor people look like crybabies.

these people werent flown first class with the chance to win a million bones, the lost people’s plane crashed 1,000 miles from where they were supposed to be.

theres only one doctor and a dozen supermodels and you dont hear them bitching.

and cooperation? this wild eyed genius iraqi dude comes back from exploring with a small group of freaks, stands on a tree stump and says to the 47 others “we need three groups, each group pick a leader, this group needs to gather food, this group needs to gather water, this group needs to suck on my bone.”

and they all do it.

theyve been stranded for two days and the fat guy is offered fresh sushi from a japanese man in a shirt and tie and the fat guy says no thank you.

no body seems to need any water.

and the hottest chick ive ever seen in my life is a criminal on the run but since she has a heart of gold she saves everyone as theyre passed out and bleeding.

the doctor is such a badass he has her sew a two foot gash on his back cuz he cant reach it.

nobodys complaining, survivors. no one is gaying out like richard by running around naked. no one is bossing anyone around. no one is crying that their loved ones just got blowed up.

even the pregnant woman is just sitting on an airplane seat nicely placed on a sand dune. looking out at the sunset sinking into the ocean.

a polar bear charged the small group and the big tall handsome asshole shot him five times with the automatic pistol and nobody goes what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck and nobody else goes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

the dude from lord of the rings seems to be snorting h because hes addicted and there arent any needles laying around this island even though it seems to have everything including a shy toothless dinosaur who enjoys playing with his food and not really eating it.

the plane got split into three(?) but the biggest chunk is the middle which could probably house 48 comfortably but instead of removing the dead bodies which surely will begin to reek any day now, they cower beneath peices of the wing for shelter and show us all how to keep it real.

my favorite scene was when the guy from oz was hauling ass through the jungle scared of something chasing him and he ran into a japanese woman who was bathing herself while standing up nude next to a tree.

she didnt cover herself with her hands. she didnt flinch. she wasnt ashamed even though earlier her husband had her button her blouse up to the very top. and the brotha didnt stop looking at her. he stuttered and said sorry but he didnt move away he didnt keep running from the unseen creature who sounded like a lion and probably had never tasted black man before he just kept talking about nothing and finally told her that there was something in those scary woods.

and it is creepy which is why i really like it.

and its filmed beautifully and the words are just right and the casting couldnt have been better

and because we’ve only seen a fraction of the passengers i think you could toss a special guest star in there from time to time.

in last weeks episode the big tall handsome bully mean guy took the gun and shot at this guy who was dying to put him out of his misery and when the doctor ran in to see what the fuck was happening

he said i shot him

and the doctor said, you fool you hit his lung, it will take him


to die now!

and then he suffocated him.

and all i know is that dinosaur better watch his ass.

it was sean and jaime‘s birthday on friday + charlotte + simpleton