i was interviewed yesterday

1. We know that you started the busblog when you began working at the xbi, but what led you to start a blog as opposed to another form of release (i.e. alcoholism…Bukowski)?

A. im sure if they put a six pack of beer on my desk at the xbi i would have definately turned to a life of drink, instead they put a computer there with high speed internet access.

the question is, what would have happened if my job would have blocked access to blogger.com (shivvers)

either way i went to college for english, i graduated with a lit degree from the college of creative studies, and i wrote two-three stories a day for the daily paper for years – i was born to blog.

2. What satisfactions do you get out of your blogging, and would those change is your readership increased/decreased?

A. any time you write something good and you know in your heart its good it should bring about a pleasant feeling inside. that happens to me at least once a week and sometimes more. also when im in the moment of writing i laugh out loud even if what im writing isnt necessarilly funny.

neither of those has to do with readership. writers should seek pleasure simply from the writing itself.


it is always thrilling when poeple fill up the comments with praise. im always really happy when people email me with nice words or say nice things in their blogs about me. especially when they say im their hero or other mind-blowing things like that. but even if i had no readers i would be writing.

3. Do you have a favorite subject to write about (girls, politics, the xbi, etc.)

A. if i could, i would start every blog post with “I …” but that would be tedious on the readers – who are there and shouldnt be entirely ignored. and if i would allow myself to i would only write about women, dating, love, and fucking. but i would hate to be pigeonholed.

therefore this year i have written more about poltics than ever before, despite the complaints of some of my readers. however, i think i have grown as a writer because of this practice. unfortunately it also increased my hits. so there are people who do respond when i write about that stuff.

4. How much of the busblog is actually true?

A. thats a great question.

5. What inspires and drives you to blog multiple times a day?

A. im totally addicted. i saw a tv show where they talked about people who were addicted to drugs. one woman said, “when i have it i want it, when i dont have it i think about how i can get it. when i am running out i think about how i can get more.” i can totally relate regarding blogging. my head has about 5x more ideas than i have time to blog. in a perfect world i would blog 10 times a day.

6. Why do you think blogging is becoming so popular so fast?

A. because real life stories written by real people are always far more interesting than fiction written by fakers. which of course is why i write so much fiction on the busblog.

7. What do you think is the future of blogging?

i see it spreading around more places than just the us, canada, and the uk. i know (and like) some of the int’l bloggers who are out there, but i can’t wait to see more of them.

its sad that it took this fucked up “war” to get people interested in the iraqi bloggers, but blogging is capable anywhere with internet access.

everyone has stories to be written down. the beauty of blogging is if you consistently write good stories eventually you will become more popular. this wasnt the case a few years ago when you would have had to get an agent, a book deal, and distrubition – and even then you still might not have gotten read by the average person.

i also expect to see more people learning how to use video editing software so that they can expose lying liars through their own words via video like what jim gilliam is doing to o’reilly.

and i also predict more big time web sites like espn, mtv, playboy, maxim, rollingstone, and maybe even the white house to have blogs written by their staff or by bloggers who are hired specifically to blog.

hint hint mr kerry.

saidy has the best video of jon stewart + tiffany + ken layne was in an article