nasa says bush was wired

an excerpt from the Salon article:

Oct. 29, 2004 | George W. Bush tried to laugh off the bulge. “I don’t know what that is,” he said on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday, referring to the infamous protrusion beneath his jacket during the presidential debates. “I’m embarrassed to say it’s a poorly tailored shirt.”

Dr. Robert M. Nelson, however, was not laughing. He knew the president was not telling the truth. And Nelson is neither conspiracy theorist nor midnight blogger. He’s a senior research scientist for NASA and for Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and an international authority on image analysis. Currently he’s engrossed in analyzing digital photos of Saturn’s moon Titan, determining its shape, whether it contains craters or canyons.

For the past week, while at home, using his own computers, and off the clock at Caltech and NASA, Nelson has been analyzing images of the president’s back during the debates. A professional physicist and photo analyst for more than 30 years, he speaks earnestly and thoughtfully about his subject.

“I am willing to stake my scientific reputation to the statement that Bush was wearing something under his jacket during the debate,” he says.

“This is not about a bad suit. And there’s no way the bulge can be described as a wrinkled shirt.”

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gorilla mask + iron mouth + the mighty doc searls + 20 great free video clips

first thing i thought was

he’s getting paid to hold up that sign. then i thought how scary if its real.

michael moore needs to do a movie about american christians.

republican american christians.

that one could probably make $500 million.

omg it’s laminated!

i wonder what i would have to do to get to conduct some of the interviews. cuz michael moore cant just walk into town and asking people questions. surely they know not to talk to him any more.

which is why fcc commissioner michael powell will never go on the howard stern show and defend himself. you don’t fight a war you cant win. w.

howard on the radio today, who has a deal to make a few interview specials for abc tv, invited powell to a “neutral” location for an hour interview that could be shown on abc.

later he played weezers hashpipe.

if you notice i don’t make fun of black folks. im sorta like the affirmative action instapundit. we blacks have enough problems. although a lot of you white folks are pretty fucked up too. shit. not like the asians are doing much better.

only ones i know who are happy are the retards on the bus to work.

every day they’re happy.

thirteen yrs old, holding hands with each other as they bounce on board, moustaches growing in real good.

ive noticed they don’t look each other in the eye.

wonder why.

i saw these deaf dudes yelling at each other yesterday.

one guy wouldn’t even look at the other guy hand signaling him.

every now and then he would take a peek to make sure his buddy was still going off, which he was, so he just looked away and handsignaled whatever dude

i wanted to handsignal the mean dude and pretend that i spoke a different language but ive noticed the evening commuters aren’t really into the funny like the morning kids are.

if i wasn’t black i would be calling michael powell a pussy ass uncle tom bitch whose prick must be the size of a splinter for who says “I would deny it exceedingly” except someone who’s making up for something.

or nothing.

bitch ass fuckr should be fired no matter who wins next week for the sole reason of (ironically) lacking any communication skills what so ever.

we don’t know what’s obscene now any more than we did four years ago.

why is oprah’s description of anal oral sex not a crime, but howard’s is?

why did janet and viacom get fined for showing her titty (even though she says that they had nothing to do with it) but bono wasn’t fined for saying fuck but abc was even though it’s obvious that they had nothing to do with it.

and even though he had originally said that because it was used as an exclamation and not an adjective it was “reprehensible” but not fineable.

michael powell should be on tv all the time. he should be on leno. he should be on letterman. he should have a book out talking about the decisions and why he thinks the way he does and why the commission acts the way it does.

and why it takes them half a year to figure out how to let oprah get away with talking about tossing someones salad on tv at 3:30pm when the little angeles of america are skipping home from school.

childrens heads literally exploded.

but powell is like me

we let the brothas and sistas slide.

we got enough fucking problems.

oprah, for example, is fat

and probably lesbian.

o’reilly paid the bitch off + isabella + my wife is a republican + remember caps lock day?

who knew they even had two tons

of weed in chicago?

Two Arrested With $35 Million Worth Of Pot

Two Tons Of Marijuana Found In Semi-Trailer

CHICAGO — Two men were facing drug charges after Chicago Police officers found more than two tons of marijuana hidden in a semi-trailer this week, investigators said Wednesday.

Jose Galvan, 25, and Adolfo Pitones, 38, were arrested Monday after officers searched their semi-trailer truck in Northlake and found more then 4,895 pounds of marijuana worth $35 million in street value, according to Lt. Peter Piazza, of the narcotics and gang investigation section of the organized crime division.

An investigation began when police received a tip about a shipment of drugs coming through Chicago, Piazza said Wednesday at a news conference.

Police located the truck Monday in Northlake, and, while the truck was unattended, confirmed drugs were inside using the K-9 Unit, Piazza said.

The truck was then placed under surveillance, he said.

Later Monday, Pitones backed the semi-trailer into a garage on the 11600 Block of West Grand Avenue in Northlake, Piazza said. Galvan then opened the trailer and went inside, he said.

Twenty minutes later, the two men left the garage and Chicago police arrested them, because the investigation started in Chicago, Piazza said.

Officers inspected the trailer and found the front wall of the trailer was taken apart, exposing a secret compartment containing the wrapped packages of marijuana.

Pitones and Galvan were charged with possession of cannabis with intent to deliver, and if their paperwork cleared in time were scheduled to appear Wednesday in Central Bond Court, Piazza said.

(my favorite part) –>> This seizure of drugs was considered a large amount of marijuana, Piazza said.

The secret compartment of the semi-trailer created a false wall to hide the marijuana, Piazza said. The semi-trailer was 53 feet long, but with the compartment it appeared to only measure 48 feet long inside, he said.

Officers removed three boards of plywood that made false wall and found a 13-foot-tall steel compartment. The compartment was divided into two sections, Piazza said.

Galvan and Pitones used barbituric acid to cover up the smell of the drugs, a procedure that does not work, Piazza said. Police find many different agents used to cover up the smuggling of drugs, he said. However, the Canine Unit can smell the drugs despite the use of these agents, Piazza said.

Engine oil, fabric softener, chili pepper, transmission fluid or brake fluid are just some of the agents used, according to Pat Camden, deputy director of Police News Affairs.

In one case cocaine was hidden in guacamole, said Police News Affairs Director Dave Bayless.

i guess that beats hiding it in camp david.

nashville’s news + wonda + negrophile

from the busblog archives

cheerleaders showed up last night. ready to rock.

i got the boombox out of the bathroom and brought it into the guest bedroom cuz the girls like to make a mess wherever we happen to be.

i lit candles and closed the windows as the ladies climbed into their outfits.

the party started. i chose the jesus and mary chain-esque Ravonettes as the music for the evening. rocking, but mellow, romantic yet with an edge. copycat, but a fair copy. im open minded. i forgive.


soon we were all twisted and upsidedown and backwards and heavy into it. quickly i was happy that i had locked the windows because it became loud and i get nervous about my neighbors thinking that either someone is being killed or that im watching an adult film at a high volume. for some reason i do care what they think. yes, im nuts.

sheets were ripped off the corners of the mattress, pillows hurled, clothes damaged, scratch marks created, posters injured, rhythms established.

after awhile i was working on just one of the ladies, concentrating, creating, being one with the energy, breathing, etc. while the other ran out for some whipped cream and restraints.

we had a little thing happening. a good thing. i would be more descriptive but confidences would be abused. lets just say that everything was going wonderfully.

and then the cd skipped

and then it skipped again.

then it gave that modern dududududududududu sound.

it threw me.

she whispered how good it felt.

chicks never pay attention to the rock.

i tried to refocus on her which i did for a sec but i couldnt


damn cd. it would get hung up for a sec and then pause, make it to the next measure and get stuck again. the most hideous sounds.

my girl didnt care. she was seeing stars. she was hooked on a feeling. she was barely legal and nearly there.

thanks to the absinthe i wasnt anywhere near there so when it became obvious that the cd needed to go to the next track i climbed off and hit the forward button and returned to the scene of the slime.

my cheerleader wasnt at all pleased as she caught her breath.

sorry baby, that was killing me, i told her.

i hate you she said and dug her pearly whites into my neck and we went back at it.

her cousin soon returned and everything went very nicely until the post game interviews when she told the press that she hated the fact that i paused and left her stranded right on the peak of mt. olympus to mess with the stupid cd. i explained that i thought she was being as distracted as i was.

she said, fuckhead, did i seem distracted? color still on her flushed cheeks.

and if i dont wire my guest room to accept the mp3 feed from my 400mhz computer im a dumbass.

even though im one anyway.

sk smith + flagrant + saidy has the new emenim video up and the lyrics

a case against California’s three-strikes law

br />

we here in Cali dont play.

if you lose to the pistons in the finals we’ll fire the greatest coach of all time and the best center in the league.

if you are winning the late night talk show wars but you suck, you’ll get a 5-year pink slip.

and if a simi valley court rules that the cops who gang-beat rodney king are not guilty we will burn down simi valley south central.

nine years ago we voted for the Three Strikes law that said if you commit three felonies you will go to jail for 25 years to life.

crime has gone down in california but not everyone is sold that its because of three strikes.

infact some, including the traditionaly conservative Orange County Register, say that three strikes have unfairly sentenced 600+ drug-related criminals to life terms.

if hitchcock were still around i could see him making a film of a guy who gets involved in a barfight who punches the wrong guy and gets convicted for battery (one strike). maybe a few years later he’s doing a line in the bathroom of a club and a cop who finds a tiny amount of cocaine on him, thats two strikes. lets say a few years later he gets a dui – there is a huge probability that he will go to jail for at least 25 years and maybe life.

wtf, cali?

heres a real life example: a few years back when i lived in frisco i was on a jury.

a guy saw two teenagers going door-to-door selling newspaper subscriptions. one of the kids had a shiny 49ers jacket. the guy grabbed one of the kids and stole his jacket.

when the case went to trial, we jurors thought (even though we werent supposed to) “what the hell is this doing in court? fine the jerk and put him in the hole for a few months.”

but we all collectively (unspoken) assumed that this was the guy’s third strike.

so all of us sat in that room and thought “are we going to give this bully 25 years to LIFE for being a dumbass?”

because of that we were extra hard on the prosecution and when the witnesses testimonies didnt match up and when the description of the perp didnt fully match up with the defendent we let him off the hook

even though we all knew he probably did it.

if it werent for three strikes we would have easilly convicted him and gone on our way. but because we knew we might have sent a man to life in prison over a dumbass niners jacket we let him go.

because of that i am going to vote for Proposition 66, which will reform the three strikes law which the OC Reg says “would reserve enhanced sentencing for serious or violent felonies, and it narrows the definition of serious felonies to exclude attempted burglary, burglary of an unoccupied residence (though not when someone is home), conspiracy to commit assault and a few others. It enhances sentencing for sex offenses against children. And it would allow current “third strikers” convicted of nonviolent or nonserious crimes a rehearing, after which their sentence could be reduced or they could be released.”

sounds much better to me.

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