i know i dont deserve nothin

but i’ll take it.

twenty years old my friends, twenty.

but because im like five times that, guess what was going through my head when i woke up in her far too clean silver lake condo

how can i get out of here and watch the game in peace.

the problem with these young girls is theyre obsessive. they latch on to something and sink deep inside of it.

although strangely none of the ones ive met have wanted to talk very much about blogging.

but the weirdest thing has been not having the bears on this sunday, which would make two weeks of no bears football because who the hell cared about that vikings game. i didnt.

she asked me if she would like to meet her grandmother who likes to have sunday brunches at santa anita.

and if you saw this young woman, youd say tony if you dont say yes to everything this girl asks you youre the gayest blade in the drawer.

titties that couldnt be perkier waiting for my reply.

it was early so i figured i could miss the first game if i could be back home for the second game.

but because i hesitated and had to think about it, im gay.

so i did her in the shower even though we were running late.

mc brown in hollywood + irianna in poland + timmay in frisco + lost girls in brazil