this is gonna be a real 10 minutes with tony

cuz my computer wont connect to the interweb and im at an internet cafe thats gonna close in 9 minutes but because im a freak i felt like i had to come here to get my fix.

i saw the president speak and listening to him used to give me hope that anyone ANYONE could be president. as long as they were the son of an xpresident. but now i think anyone could be president if they were full of enough shit, which is why al gore will never win.

and why people fear hillary so.

being without the internet today has been painful but the good news was im so addicted to the computer in my house that i stood in front of my computer and cleaned up all around it. so everything is clean there. and i found some things that i was looking for for my upcoming court case that i will let you in on once it happens.

over lunch i went to the Virgin Megastore HQ and saw Hard-Fi whose singer is reportedly linked to Scarlett Johansson. when i first saw him i was all, nah, cuz hes so normal looking and has big teeth.

but then when i saw him play i was all, hmmm, maybe because fucker can sing and play and has great tunes but his fingers moved real fast and maybe thats what the ladies like.

anyways thanks koga for the invite and thanks goldenfiddle for letting me know a little bit about the UKs #1 band of the week.

also thanks to everyone who ordered Stiff. thanks because you’re going to have to be a tad patient with me because i do all my shipping via the interweb and its a long story but hopefully i can get these things shipped out tomorrow or the next day. trust me i want them out of my house. i will never ship books myself again. yes you make a buck or two more, but the pain in the ass isnt worth it.

finally lots of people i talked with on the streets are disappointed in the coachella lineup because we were all hoping the Smashing Pumpkins would reuinite but everyone in these comments, pretty much, and on various web sites that i surfed to breifly this afternoon when i made my only other post were stoked by the lneup especially with Depeche Mode.

alll i know is im going, im gnna get paid to go and i really hope my shit is fixed tomorrow cuz this rentacomputer’s keyboard sux.

much love to all of you, im gonna have to read or something tonight.

and by read i mean a book.

oh the humanity!

nolan ryan

19 years ago
nolan ryan had this guy twenty-six
running straight at him
nolan’s forty-six
the guy was mad cuz
hit em with the ball
and when the guy got at
nolan nolan put him in a headlock
and said
now im gonna hit you with my
then nolan got the next 13
of 14
batters out.
i really miss you jeanine
satan and the lord put job thru a lot
satan said if job had everything
taken from him he wouldnt love
you God why should he
God said fifty bucks says he won’t crack
God and satan make bets on me how
i’ll start writing
sad poems again
n just get sadder
but nolan proved sometimes
you cant lose.
for even
hates poems about baseball.