this has been a crazy week

im looking forward to the weekend not because its the weekend whoo hooo but because my bears are in the playoffs and i cant wait for sunday.

i broke my new years resolution last sunday. i didnt read the Bible. i suck. and it wasnt like i was doing a lot of shit. and it wasnt like there was even a lot on tv.

do you know its thirteen days into the year and i havent had a hot kiss from a hot chick yet?

how can that be?

im a b-list blogger! wtf!

btw happy friday the thirteenth.

when i was in highschool there always seemed to be a scary movie at the theatre every friday the thirteenth, and even though i went to all of those scary movies right now, im not so sure i want to see Hostel which is the current scary movie.

i understand that its intensely intense. and im not sure in my advanced age i could handle that this week. maybe after the bears win the super bowl.

speaking of films, Brokeback Mountain just replaced King Kong in my local theatre. and i know people are saying that its the movie of the year and its great and its a great love story and the chick from the Princess Diaries gets naked in it

but when it comes right down to it do i want to pay money to see heath ledger make out with kirstin dunst’s boyfriend?

the answer is a whitney approved hell-to-the-no

however when mr skin shows me the three seconds of anne hathaway i’ll be ready.

am i a bad person for not wanting to see Brokeback Mountain?

yes im slightly homophobic but only slightly. but as a single man with no real love interest around, do i really want to see any romance right now? wont it just make me more bitter than i already am?

hell i was jealous that king kong found love and he was just a big dirty ape!

speaking of films, how about Lost this week, huh?

ive decided that on Fridays we can discuss Lost. that gives people a day and a half to watch the show and if they come to the busblog on Friday afternoon and get bummed out that we spoiled some of it then tough titties.

anyways LOVED Lost this week. i love how they can do a backstory on anyone and get away with it – and most of the time it advances the plotline.

but heres my question for those with the eagle eye — why did bro burn the whole plane including the H? was it because the drugs killed his brother? was it because drugs sorta ruined his life?

seems to me that on an island like that someone might need those drugs for, you know, medical reasons, wink wink nudge nudge.

no seriously people are getting ripped to shreds by dinosaurs (well they were last year) and theres operations that are being done, why not have some H on hand for the good doctor to dole out in the proper amount?

i dont know, seems to me that this bunch of Survivors sure waste a lot of their resources whereas the people on real Survivor fucking eat ants rodents even that chicken that was used as a sacrifice.

in conclusion i saw Beauty and the Geek 2 yesterday and it was awesome.