if you ever get a chance to work for marc brown

i recommend that you do it.

he understands that sometimes peoples best work isnt done between the hours of 9-5, or in offices, or in conventional ways.

as the buzznet offices get made over this week and next ive been working from home, which for someone who does most of his work through a computer and email isnt that big of an adjustment. and to be honest, i think im more productive and more willing to get shit done from 9am-2am when im given the respect not to be micromanaged.

what marc and i do is chat via email so i can tell him what im working on and he gives me updates on assignments he wants me to knock out and sometimes a phone is used, but mostly he gives me big tasks and i complete them.

yesterday i told him that i wouldnt be around after noon because i had to meet with karisa for lunch and then with my lawyers on the wesssside and everyone knows that simply driving from santa monica to hollywood during the late afternoon on a friday can take hours.

the good mc knew that i would make up for it by either working at night or over the weekend. we’re a small company so we are constantly working not because we have to but because we want to. but also because if we dont do it no one else will.

as i was making my way through beverly hills i got a phone call from a young lady who i had met who asked me if i wanted to join her for happy hour at the shortstop, a really fun bar in echo park.

its fun because its sorta a divey bar but not in a pretentious way. its got a great vibe and pbr on tap and pool table in the back.

happy hour isnt really a term im that familiar with because at Buzznet we dont really go out drinking after work. not because we dont like to drink – its just something that doesnt happen. so i had to ask this woman when happy hour was.

she laughed and said 5-8. buck pbrs.

because i had some other business to attend to i agreed to meet her at 6pm and boy am i glad i did because we ended up closing down the place.

at 6 the bar had a few people at it, then a few more wandered in and started playing pool as she and i talked in the quiet of the back room.

after a few rounds of drinks i adjourned to the mens room and when i came back i saw some dude talking with my date – if you wanna call her that. which if you saw her you definately would. my basic rule of thumb is you know youre with a hot chick if when you leave her to do something theres another dude hitting on her.

when i came back she introduced me to her and he went back to shooting pool. and she told me, “he just said that heather graham is going to close the bar in a few hours so she can have her birthday party here.”

and sure enough in a few hours there was heather with her assistant who had a three page guest list and a handstamp. apparently if you had a stamp the tab was being paid for by whoever was throwing the bash for rollergirl.

soon after heather arrived in came friends star matthew perry, chris katan from snl, and probably more stars but seriously after 6 hours of nonstop drinking even the bartender asked me if i had had enough. i pointed to the clock that read 12:15am and said i did a lot of drinking yesterday but i have yet to have a sip today.

that earned me one more shot of rum and pabst chaser but when i returned later he cut me off. first time thats ever happened to me. ever. and im old. but he was cool about it and i gotta give him props for that.

so me and the girl danced and drank and danced and she text messaged her friends to tell them that she was cooler than them. and when she went to the little girls room i walked over to heather and got a picture with her. and friends, she couldnt have been nicer. not just to me, but its not that huge of a bar and just watching her with everyone was really a lesson to celebs everywhere as to how you should act – normal.

then the cobrasnake showed up and i knew i was in the right place. he even took a picture of me when i said i knew marc brown and today he put it and the party up on his site.

i took a cab home, put the garbage can next to my bed as the room was spinning, and this morning i was not hung over very much. why? because the Lord loves me and the feeling is mutual.

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