i know i know

on fridays we talk about Lost. but im so busy today you dont even know.

and sadly i cant even talk about half of things that are making me busy today and the other half are so dumb like laundry that you dont really want me to talk about them.

so lets see if i can write about Lost for 15 minutes and because i might not get to the computer for the rest of the day im going to have to count on you, the reader, to fill up the comments with Losttalk until i can get back.

ok and for those of you who havent yet finished the first season what can i tell you? they reran the first season like four times on tv. the dvd has been out since fall, and every critic, viewer, and media outlet has been telling you since day one that this is the shit so sorry i cant wait for your asses any longer.

i feel that the busblog policy of not talking about this season until 36 hours after it aired is plenty of time to watch it on tivo or ipod or vhs or beta that you’re either in or out, so get into it. and if you havent seen this weeks episode now is the time for you to flee… may i recommend catching up on the wonderful blog of erin the oakparkmastermind

ok this weeks episode centered around chah-leee the elf the musician the junkie who nobody understands.

in a very sweet and tortured hour charlie is having bad dreams and he gets misunderstood when he tries to get rid of his stash and suddenly nobody trusts him.

but what really is interesting about this episode is locke and how suddenly we’re supposed to have suspicions about him. am i right about that? are we supposed to believe that hes the baby stealer? or are we supposed to believe that hes got the hots for blondie? im confused and im hoping its just a curveball.

one of the problems i had with this episode is something i learned in college. you cannot make your characters flat. meaning, they cant be all-good or all-bad. in wednesdays hour we see charlie supporting his brother, saving his family with his pianoplaying and songs, and then trying to save little aaron on the island. hes so 100% good that its literally unbelievable.

yes he has that flaw that hes a junkie but even when he was in that ridiculous band Driveshaft he was the perfect junkie, it seems, who could always handle it, whereas it was his brother who was the getting sick selling shit loser junkie.

meaning charlie is so good that even dipping into the candy store doesnt really affect his angelic personality and boyish desire to save the world.

then somewhere the idea of baptism came up and hopefully it will work its way through future episodes because i thought it was pretty damn cheesy here and was merely a device to allow abadeezay a chance to prove that he is really truly a preacher and that wasnt something that he did just to smuggle dope.

but the biggest problem i had with the episode, which, believe it or not i liked, was charlie’s guitar. particularily his strings. when he was tuning his guitar on the rocks right next to the beach i wanted one of those strings to break. in the damp moisture of this tropical isle where in season one it would downpour without warning (unless you had the spidey senses of Locke) how is it that this guitar isnt warped and all of the strings work perfectly?

details myfriends details are what make good stories great stories and Lost is so close to being great that i would like some of these easilly fixable things to work their way out. for example, have charlie break a string and be forced to write a song without the high e string and make it a deep low somber song.

that to me would make this all believable. or in my case, more believable.