marc brown put an ad in Craigslist

so we could hire a few paid interns at Buzznet. on the first day we got 50 killer resumes, one better than the other.

this week we got to actually work with two who marc and anthony liked. a young lady and a young gentleman.

the young lady is fresh from an ivy league school, knows a shitton about the indie scene, seems to have some cool friends here in LA, and was brave enough to join me for 99 cent soul food over by usc this afternoon.

shes pretty awesome.

the young gentleman is a myriad of beautiful tattoos, piercings, and more tattoos. this morning i picked him up outside the loft and he was halfway through henry rollins’ new book. of his many tats he has a huge black flag symbol. he knows everything about the dark side of music – my side.

so today i asked him if he would go through the 987 bands that are scheduled to play sxsw next week and advise me as to which shows i shouldnt miss. you know, because im old and out of it.

below is what he sent me.

i believe he passed the audition.

Wednesday March 15:

-Talib Kweli @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St) @ 10:15PM If you don’t know who this mastermind is, I won’t tell you. Go see him.

-Shook Ones @ Redrum (401 Sabine Ave) @ 11:00pm. My band has played a couple of shows with these guys. Besides being hilarious, they can rip out one of the tightest sets I’ve ever heard. Fast, melodic hardcore in the vein of Kid Dynamite.

-Immortal Technique @ Red Eyed Fly @ 12:30AM. In my opinion, he’s hands-down one of the most intelligent lyricists/MCs I’ve ever heard. Super smart hip hop. Listen and learn.

-Genitallica @ Opal Devine’s Freehouse (700 W 6th St) @ 1:00AM. I have never heard of this band and I know nothing about them. But they’re from Monterrey, Mexico and their name is Genitallica! What the fuck? How could you NOT go? [pictured, above]

-Mogwai @ Stubb’s (801 Red River St) @ 1:00AM. I’ve never seen them live, but apparently you can get totally ripped to their live show and it makes it 100 times better. I like the music.

Thursday March 16:

-Blackalicious @ Town Lake Stage At Auditorium Shores @ 6:00pm. Go watch him rhyme your face off.

-Circle Takes The Square @ Room 710 @ 7:45 pm. Start your Thursday out right and see this thrash/grand/stoner rock/sludge/dual gender vocalist team rip shit up. You will never, ever hear a band like this. Their music is all over the place and it actually makes sense as opposed to being dissonant and weird for the sake of being dissonant and weird. DO IT.

-Morrissey @ Austin Music Hall (208 Nueces St) @ 9:30PM. Ok. So I like mopey depressing rock. And The Smiths. Hey, you never know who loves Morrissey!

-Goldfrapp @ Austin Music Hall @ 12:15am. It’s Goldfrapp. Enough said.

-GOGOL BORDELLO @ Emo’s Main Room @ 12:45AM. FUCKING. HELL. Now I’m jealous that you’re going. This is one of the most supremely awesome bands in all existence. Think a travelling gypsy band, complete with dancers and shriekers, who all listen to Black Flag and The Clash. UNREAL. Gypsy punk at its best. Fantastic live show too!!! GO GO GO GO GO GO. [pictured, right]

– Hank Williams III @ Antone’s (213 W 5th St) @ 1:00am. Guy is a godsend.

Friday March 17:

-The Loved Ones @ Redrum (401 Sabine Ave). They go on at 8:00 pm. Think catchy Green Day if they actually played punk these days. Fast, catchy, and oh so wonderful.

-Jello Biafra’s Host Show at The Jackalope, featuring a bunch of new Alternative Tentacles artists, should atleast be interesting. The man’s got a great ear for bizarre yet compelling music.

-Lucero @ Red 7 (611 E. 7th St.) at 10:30pm. Super passionate folk punk. Their shows are like giant drunken parties. Go just for that.

-Atmosphere @ Emo’s Main room at 12:30am. The guy can flow, he samples the widest variety of music (short of what Z-Trip does, but that’s a different thing), and he’s mesmerizing.

-At 12:30, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists @ Red 7. Same time as Atmosphere, but holy shit, he writes terrific pop songs.

-Helmet @ Redrum Annex @ 12:45am. I would go just to see if they play old shit. Old Helmet = Wonderful.

-Do not attend Emo’s Annex or any Drive-Thru records showcases unless you’d like to bleed out of your ears. Some of the whiniest, most contrived music ever made!

Saturday March 18:

– Division of Laura Lee @ Red Eyed Fly (715 Red River St) @ 12:00am

– Cephalic Carnage @ Room 710 (710 Red River St) @ 12:00am It’s a bunch of stoners who love grind and death metal. Their bass player puts on the most fantastic show. Amazing.

-Municipal Waste @ Room 710 @ 1:00am. If you ever dug Slayer, the first 3 Metallica albums, or Exodus, these guys are perhaps one of the greatest crossover bands I’ve heard in years. Most of their songs are less than 2 minutes long, are played at 1000bpm, and have ridiculous song titles. Check them out if you can.

Sunday March 19:

-I couldn’t find anything I even knew, let alone liked. YIKES. I am no longer cool NOR relevant!

complete lineup for 3/15 + 3/16 + 3/17 + 3/18 + 3/19

its so funny how people sometimes accuse me of doing things for hits

pete wentz when if they would simply look at my stats, which are totally public, they would see that just like most blogs, the traffic is pretty steady and reliable.

and then you come across situations like today when people are looking for the bottomless pictures of Fall Out Boy bassist and heartthrob Pete Wentz nude.

and people know that Pete posts tons of pictures, mostly personal pictures, of himself and his life and his band and all of that on Buzznet, and i guess because i have mentioned him a few times on this blog the busblog comes up when people search for “pete wentz nude.”

as if ive ever posted pics of any dude nude, or chick for that matter.

sometimes you might see a nipple or lord help us a breast but if i put a weiner on here id never hear the end of it.

so for those of you who are looking for this fine fellows phallice, yes i have seen the pictures, yes i have the pictures, but no theyre not on buzznet and theyre definately not on the busblog.

buzznet tries to uphold a PG-13 lifestyle. meaning, and i know its not fair, but female frontal nudity is ok, but male bottomlessness is not ok. its ok if you put it in a private gallery, but its not ok if its just out there.

under a clandestine tattoo.

with lots of hair all around it.

so yeah, if i was a hit whore id have that picture up and id say “there it is kids, a bass players peen, arent i the best!”

i know thats what some of the gossip blogs do and sure enough their readers say, “yup youre the best, omg i love you, omg if you werent gay id omg have your babies, gahhhh.”

what i really dont understand is how those blogs can keep the pictures up after pete writes something like this on the official Fall Out Boy blog

Wednesday, March 8, 2006
this just in.

so as some of you obviously know someone hacked into my sidekick and took pictures off of it. this was very upsetting and a total invasion of privacy. i can’t explain to you how it feels. whats even more absurd to me is that anyone would care to see a couple of racy pictures of some shitty, dirty boy. after feeling badly about this for about 24 hours, i am now ready to get back to laughing.

its been a tough couple of weeks for me lately. the only good thing about times of adversity is that you realize who your real friends and fans are- and the rest go away- which in my mind is an ok thing. i just wanted to take the time to thank the people who continually stand by my side- a special thanks to and mikey way for being amazing.

the moral of the story: if you really dont want pictures of yourself to end up on the internet. dont take the pictures.

now please return to the shittalking at whatever messageboard you are at.

OMG! gaah. i forgot the most important part- how the fuck did santino not win? santino > pete wentz – for sure- thought i could have understood if daniel won, but her? blah.

now you can really go back.

posted by: pete

i mean really, bro didnt mean to have those out there, FOB is already in the top ten, theyve graduated from playing the Wiltern like they did in October to headlining the Sports Arena when they come back here next month, just like theres no reason for me to try to get bs hits, theres no reason for him to literally expose himself for… more exposure.

so if he doesnt want the pics out there, throw the guy a bone and respect his wishes.

i know its easy for me to say because he obviously gets Buzznet lots of hits, but there are many ways that we could exploit that relationship and we dont, theres tons of ways for us to even capitalize on the FOB popularity but we dont, mostly because it’s not Fall Out Boy via their management via their label on Buzznet, its the user Pete doing exactly what the user Matt and the user Wil and the user Tony do on Buzznet, take pics and have people comment on them.

one thing ive learned from this though is after Paris and now Pete, who really wants to have a Sidekick any more? clearly theyre far too easy to hack into.

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