austin, sxsw, day one,

for your ass.

ok dude its 3am. i dont know how this blogging thing is gonna work because im drunk im tuired im happy anad im sad. im sad cuz all of you cant be with us. im happy because i got to meet one of my all time blogging heroes LEAH of tonight and shes cuter than can be and supoer sweet and has the most adorable texas accent that i totally wasnt expecting because i guess her blog doesnt have that drawl yall but there it was.

she brought a girl she had just met on mypace and because they were both underage they drank cokes i mean red bulls since we were at the red bull house which is awesome and huge and killer.

i cant tell you all about it tonight but i will tell you about it later in the meantime go to and yhou will see all the cool pics being taken by me and marc and a few other people who wwe gave cameras to.

i gotta say im really lucky. i kmnopw i sawy that a lot, but its true. tonight walking down 6th street with dan and sara and pants and chris and marc i felt so lucky because they closed down the streets and people are falling over themselves and this dude was close to passing out right infront of six cops on horses.

lindsey and leahmuchas gracias needs to go out to sara who got me and marc powerstips and bought us beers and are always fun to be with.

also dude shit I got to hang out wiht Doc Searls who was so cool. i hope i get to hang out with him some more while hes out here. this is such a geek fest cuz you get to tell people how much you love their blogs and exactly what you like about them. i got to tell doc hhow much i liked his airplane shots from above palm springs and santa babrara because i love being jealous of peoplke.

i got quized by leah about the jobs that she had gottenn fired from over ther years and i even got a qustion right about when she worked for her dadds cable company. i probably came off as a huige stalker but someitmes you find someone who seems cool in theire blog and you just sorta read it and thats all. and shes kelp[te her blog rolling for all these years and ive been reading it since the start prettyt much and wow how fun to meet her.

also this morning someone recognized me in the hotel lobby as me and marc were checking in and i was all dude this trip has already been 100% worthwhile for me. this is the best.

also its warm if not hot and after being at LAX this morning when it was 40 degrees it was so great to be in 80 degree texas temps.

i have to go to bed so i can wake up, register and speak on my first panel at 10am tomorrow. im going to kill my agent for signing me up for any panel that starts before 1pm.

i heart you all. lots.

Red Bull House pics + leah + doc searls + sk smith + the pants