day two. sxsw.

for yr ass. its 439am its dark mc brown is snoring away and the verve are oplaying on the ipod machine. im drunk im tiurned im sleepy but i myst blog for your ass. i kmust , you want me to, and i wanna and here we are at a bologging fiaesta so here goes.

woke up early to do my thing at the panel. long lines. hugh forrest gets me outta the line and hustles me to the green room cuz my opanels gonna start in 15 minutes.l i eat a nmuffin and drink some water and meet my panel peepsl. all cool kids so we go to the room. its a fucking barn as they say in the blues brothers. huge room. huuuuuge. i think how are we gonna fill this place. ten mintues later the fuckers filled and im all fuck how are we gonna entertain these people, but mj has a cowbell so we’re good.

the panel went ok. actuially it went better than that, i only did ok. i only got like two really good laughs. i wanted more. i barely speak in public any more so when i do i wanna kill. i did ok. the best line was when we were talking about blogging about your job and cam from was on our p[anel and it turns out he was the first person ever tgot get fired from blogging, not dooce, and i was all, ok heres the deal, dont write about your work, you might think “i hate my boss and i hope my boss gets hit by a truck and another truck hits that truck” but you cannot say that on your blog, im sorry. people laughed. they also laughed when someone asked about what do you do about your mom reading your blog and i said, im sorry but im not gonna let my mom get in the way of the stories that i want to tell to total strangers.

after the panel doc wanted me to meet halley suit. this turned into a lunch of about 9 people. all cool. we ate at the iron works because some one from my comments suggested it. hard to lose with ribs within 4 minutes of your convention, so thanks whoever you were;.

then i got back to the hotel and took a long shower to cleanse myself of the nervousness of talking to 3452345234 people. they say that most people consider public speaking to be scarier than death. me, i love public speaking but i also love cheating death so… but it still makes me nervous and i like feeling nervous, it reminds me that im alive and not the superhero that i pretend to be,.

after the nap i made my way to the red bull house. i walked most of the way and took a cab the rest of the way. all cabs no matter where you go in austin cost $3. its like living in 1966. girls will kiss you for a quarter too, its killer.

get to the house and i see that theres a car filled with punk rock looking suicide type girls and i recognize a blonde from earlier today, its the texas roller derby girls. one of them was bringing over smokes for her boyfriend who is a security guard for us. he asked me if he could get the girls some red bulls i said, only if they hang out in the house and stay all night.

the girls lit up cuz they wanted so baddly to see the house and they ran in and made themselves comfortable and said you better watch it we might end up sleeping under the pool table and i was all i fucking dare you to wake up under the pool table. and they said do you know who youre talking to and these girls have tattoos everywhere and hot clothes and great names and i said i know exctly who im talking to which is why i invited you and why i love you and why i want you to tell allyour roller derby friends to come here and liven up this taco stand and they said wait youre serious most people want to kick us out of places and i said i want you to enjoy yourself. i want you to have a great time. i want you to play pool and dance and live free or die.

and we took pictures and little movie interviews which i will upload when its not 453 am and we talked and talked and talked and i love these girls with all of my heart all of them and they said we will come back and come back and come back and i said good and then nick douglas showed up and then kyle bunch and his lovely lady and so many people, the director of the movie im seeing tomorrow, pick up the mic, about gay rappers, and these hot babes from google.

and the babes wanted to go to some party and we wanted to eat so we walked them to the party – almost 0- but we found a pizza place so we ate slices and then found them at the party and all these google people were there and marc canter adn ev williams and biz and shit the whole world pretty much and we went to the roof and watched everyone on the streets it waws a parade of fashiopn pretty much and the druinks kept coming and soon it was 136am and we had one more bar to go to

so we went there and it was cool but a little too mellow so we went across the street and Honky was playing which are Austins answer to ZZ Top and who knew that you needed and answer to ZZ Top but you know what you do cuz these boys fucking rulked AAMND they have the long beards and it was a fun clun and then we ate tacos from a roach coach and mc brown said fuck this its only midnight in LA i wanna party more

and mc brown made exactly ONE phone call and said toddy-b wheres the after party in this town and whadday know toddy b was djing at an after hours clunb so we went there and the girls were so fine ladies and gentlemen of the jury that we had to dance and driunk red bulls cuz thats all they could serve after 2am and we did that till 4 and took a cab home and listend to ipod tunes and i have now blogged which means i can sleep in until noon and eat and see the movie and go to my final panel and then party some more hopefully with leah or pants or the google girls or dan and sara, or raspil or the deputy, or if all fails the roller derby chicks or whatever new people we run into tomorrow.

i dont ever want to leave here.