this is my last night in austin

with moka at sxswand im going to end it with a roller derby bout topped off with a punk rock show.

i will miss austin very much. this town has definitely made an impression on me, as have the roller girls, as has new live music, as has my body and soul.

its nice to know that i can outdrink outdrug outrock outkiss the kids half my age. its nice to know that i can keep up with the emos. its nice to know that i still might not have the looks or skillz of days gone past but i can keep on keep on working day and night.

its also nice to know that there are other warm towns in america other than islavista.

ive decided that im going to do a few things different when i go back to hollywood. im gonna see more shows. im gonna kiss more girls and im gonna apply to more grad schools. because deep down i would love to teach.

me and leah had a lovely brunch today. it was actually closer to a lunner but it was good. she had french toast i had tortilla soup and a chicken sandwhich. the main reason that we went there is because they have the strongest and smartest hand drier in the world. you put your hands under there and seriously 20 seconds later your shit is dry and as soon as you move your hands away it shuts off. almost like it has a direct path from the depths of hell right to your watery palms.

leah is good people and sometimes i shy away from meeting people who ive read on the web but she is one of those few exceptional people who come across way way way better in real life and she hasnt judged me for finding out the true busblogger who lies far more in this blog than she ever expected and is way dirtier than she ever knew. and she still likes me! how cool is that.

she got harassed by the cops as she was picking me up and they gave her a ticket for a bad uturn and i begged them to let her off the hook but i looked like an LA hoodlum so they made an example of her and popped her with a bad ticket.

meanwhile back in africa, christine j spurnikova wrote me to tell me how amazing it is over there and it made me miss her big time. shes doing good there though and getting used to lack of showers, she says.

ok so for the last time from the red bull house, this is your pal tone wishing you well from the lone star state.