sxsw day three

for youre knowledge. i need a intern. i’ll be accpeting resumes when i get back to LA. must be a female. must be able to do things topless. muyst be able to remember all the people who i talk with during a comnfvention like last nnight. but must write shit down and take more pics than i do and interview people and fax the homeoffuice all the shit they need and must pack way more than 100 business cards cuz im already out.

muyst close my mouth when i drink. must not let me drink asw i sleep walk because its now 146pm and im waking up and im drunk and i hafta see mc brown rock the mic at his panel. must upload my piooccs and videos and tryuly must not let me go every day drunkblogging because yeah its cute but this very nice woman from cnn (who said i was cute – whoo hoo) said that someone recommended that she talk to me but she hasnt seen my blog before and i was all uhhh maybe youre better off not reading this this week cuz im full of booze and who knows what you’ll think.

last night i sat at the Odeo table during the web awards and i blogged and anywhere else that would be not at all cool and maybe it wasnt cool there but i think if anyone would understand it would be them. sorry i wasnt blogging for the busblog but i am now.


ok the buzznet blogads pbs knopff party was killer. they were turning away Dooce and Scoble and all these big wigs and normally thats cool but we actuiallly wanted those people in so we were all, dude if they arent carrying weapons please let them in, we have booze for them.

so theywere cool.

so i interviewed Craig from Craigslist and he acknowledged that the CEO of Buzznet, anthony batt actually did convince him to name craigslist craigslist.

i interviewed Scoble (pictured, right) and asked him the toughest question you could ask a blogger – whats your favorite blogs.

he held in there. then we went to Asher’s bar next door, the 710 room and it would be my local bar if i lived in Austin but the only way i would live in Austin is if i got a scholarship to be part of their Masters program – the one sk smith is in cuz sk knows her shit and she seems to like that school.

so dan and sk and marc and i drank and then walked over to 6th street and had some late night pizza and drank some more and all was well. all was well. im missing so much. ok the blogging while black panel was great.

there was even some controversy. George claimed that in the last panel that we were at i said that i was a “horrible writer” and i had to tell him that i dont remember saying that but now it dawns on me, i said that someone called me “the best bad writer out there” which i said that i loved because when you drunkblog or not spell check or

make new paragraphs whenever you want theres goonnna be people who say you suck or youre bad but when you get people to say that youre actually great at being bad then that is a freedom that most people dont have. fucking maureen dowd cannot


anywayiwanna write and say fuckshitfuckcuntpussycock whenever she wants.

a hot babe let me lick her nip last night, oh bodyshots thank you for existing

so george i think thats what you heard me say, but if i said i was a horrible writer then maybe i did, youre far more a sober soul than i.

there was more controversy at the panel like a white woman standing up and saying “yes i was the one who said that the moderator ‘spoke well’ last year.” which can be taken the wrong way among black folk because its like, what did you expect us to speak like? George Bush?

of course we’re well spoken.

afterwards we drank across the street and i got to meet some of the good people from the audience and oh shit its 4 minutes till marcs panel so i gotta shower and haul ass. i love you i need you i want you all.

tonights the google blogger party invite only, followed by the odeo party where i will interview ev and thank him for the 4398723 time for inventing this platform because without it i would certainly not be here today listening to NWA in this suite with a stack of business cards and phone numbers and this huge fucking smile on my face.

go to my buzznet page and watch the vids. i heart you all, bitches.