sxsw night one

austin. flatass. theres a few2 thingss that im learning alreayd and its only the first night of the musics. first thing is i drink better than you. other think is every bamd thinks therye the shit. last thing is most bands are not the shit.

went over to the austinist party and saw two bands opne was a dyde with his band and he wore a hat cocked over one eye and he played left handed and like the little blue boy in that painting of the same name. if he wasnt queer he was trying out for the team. hiss singing wanst bad but the rest of it was but for some reason the songs werent bad. i think the band was called The Levy.

then The Ark came on. sort of a poor mans Darkness. it was all about the singer. they were from Sweden. then went over to Emos and saw some band that i will etell you about later or never but the dyude was dressed up sorta like hendrix and played the guitar against a wooden pole. oh before that went over to club de ville for the birdland records party theyre the ones who distribuite Tsar or pay off Tsar or whore Tsar oujt or something, anyways if Tsar were here theyd have played their so i saw who were playing in their place and i wasnt impressed som edudes from Okaland called The Time Flys.

if i see one more anorexic singer im gonna drink a beer.

got to the hotel to take a leak but these two fratboys told me that Curt Kirkwood from the meat puppets was playing on the roof of the hotel. i was all are you sure his name is Curt Kirkwood? and they were all oh yeah meatpuppets man MEAT PUPPETS and they high fived each other and were all you know the band that nirvana loved so much and i was all, i drink, so lets do a bet right notw, if his name is Curt Kirkwood i will buy each of you fellows two drinks each, and if youre wrong you have to get me a shot of rum and a double Baileys no ice. and they were all bet and as soon as the elvator dinged at the roof the doors opened and there was the sign that said “Cris Kirkood” and an arrow to the packed room.

and thats why im drunk and its just about midnight and thats why i took a bigger leajk and thats why now im headed to the Red Bull House to see Goggogogol Bordellow and i understand a former singer of Janes addiction is going to be on the wheels of steel which is what they say in showbizznes is one night i wont soon remember.

as you know im a huge blog geek

and i read pretty much every blog that there is. so when i saw whitney matheson of the usa today blog right there in the Red Bull House i was all marcbrown marcbrown!

but he was occupied so i decided to talk to her myself and represent buzznet, which i can do pretty well, but i was still nervous because a) i totally love her blog b)shes freaking cute as hell in person c)i didnt wanna mess up and have her think that buzznet and red bull was lame.

turned out she got really excited about all the things that i got really excited about and we were able to secure her a key to the house and this morning when we got the USA Today delivered to our front door marc was all, hey did that cute girl write anything about us and i was all dude shes a blogger she doesnt blog in the paper, go online. but neither of us rememberd to go online until just now.

and whaddya know, she wrote four posts about her experiences yesterday at the Red Bull House including this one that even mentions Buzznet.

Good morning again! Before I take off to do something very fun and exciting (I’ll write about it later), I have to mention this place I went last night called the Red Bull House. It’s set to become one of the hottest hangouts during the music fest, and the fact that it’s extremely difficult to get into means it may be a destination for Austin celebrities and other VIPs.

I, of course, went early to avoid the crowd and get a good look at the place. Since it’s sponsored by Red Bull, every bar features various energy-drink cocktails, as well as beer, liquor and water in flask-shaped plastic bottles. Co-sponsor Buzznet helped turn the space into a high-tech paradise: One room features computers with free Web access. Another is lined with keyboards, where partygoers can control bass, scratch melody and mashup features to make an original song. Another room features small monitors mounted on metal sculptures. I’m not sure how well I captured this in the photo, but each monitor projected an eyeball — and when you’d walk by them, the eyes would spin to stare at you!

so now that shes my bff i hope i run into her again soon so i can buy her a free beer and be a fanboy all over her.

last night people were doing that to me and its pretty awesome i gotta admit, but now that the music folks have shown up its a whole new vibe. goatees and bald heads everywhere.

me and bunny were getting her press credentials and i was asking one of the dudes for help and he goes, “tony pierce”? and i was all this is the greatest place ever. ever. ever ever.

but then last night someone passed me a jay and i was passing it to someone else and right when i exhaled someone said “tony pierce” and i was all this is why i will never be able to get a usa today blog, but lets hope our pal whitney continues to kick ass so other reputible journals can see the importance of blogs as a force of their staffs (so to speak) and they will hire more bloggers for more papers and mags.

and then perhaps someone will hire me to sit in hotel rooms like im doing now with bunny mcintosh while we get ready to head out onto 6th street and take on the day.

bunny mc would like to send some shoutouts to: her fabulous husband richard, her girlies in hotlanta, nettie, bee bee, and chan from cat power who couldnt make it here to sxsw – we miss you baby. five.austin

yesterday was the end of the interactive convention so we celebrated by eating crabs and crawfish and shrimp and potatoes and then i gave my camera to miss amerikill and she didnt give it back. so now ive lost my phone and my camera. actually its marcs camera. i saw her fall down with it and i should have probably taken it back then but shes a derby babe she falls down occassionally, i thought.

things were mildly insane last night. i know its easy to overexaggerate roadtrips or festivals or big parties staring lesbian hip hoppers and gay black rappers, but thats not where the insanity happened. and its continuing to happen. and im so sleepy because the pants and chris needed a place to stay last night and of course mc brown said oh you can sleep on our floor.

but nobody ever ends up sleeping on the floor in those situations, theres beer that gets picked up, a card game breaks out, someone has 4-5 cigars, honky gets spun on the cd player, after a while you see the neighbors have come over to join in on the poker. poker i didnt even touch her. and then you see the sun coming up just like the grand canyon.

and then bunny mcintosh is calling at 8am saying she will be at our hotel in an hour and then you hear a delightful little tap on the door and hey look someone really is sleeping on the floor and then bunny has nowhere to sit so she ambles around and the pants is doing yoga because all the red bulls she had at the red bull house is making her jittery.

so we decide to go get some breakfast, and yeah, theres a rumor that if we walk to the four seasons SPIN is giving away some passes to their private show.

there was a time when i loved spin and would write bob guiccione jr a christmas card and tell him that i was going to write for them one day, that i was going to be a famous writer, and that i didnt want to work for anyone else, just spin, always and forever.

but then they got sold and then they got bad and now everythings upside down and i dont know what to do with my career or life or anything so we walked up 6th and then down congress and over the river and chris said hey look and he pointed at the four seasons and we turned around and walked there and nobody knew anything about any spin thing, so we ate breakfast at this mexican breakfast place

but first we had to wait outside which was fine because we saw lyle lovitt walk out with his new hottie and he looked pretty cool but not as tall as i expected

annd then we saw mca walk out once we were seated and he looks awesome but way more gray in his hair and beard but that was to be expected, what wasnt to be expected was that he woudl be eating there. but there are tiny surprises in every box and sometimes yours is a spider ring and sometimes yours is a beastie boy.

hopefully miss amerikill will return the camera and it wont be broke and all will be well. until then im gonna get a nap, its 125p. i heart you all suckers.
on tap for tonight: Of Montreal, Morrissey, DJ set with Shepard Faireym Googel Bordello or whatever those gypsies are called.

now that the music has started i may have peaked too early. we’ll see.