happy 666 day.

i live in hollywood and many of the prefixes here are 666 including my home number.

when i was signing up for a number the lady recommended something that started with 665 and i was all hey wait i just remembered this is hollywood, do you have any 666 numbers and she hesitated and then was like yep pretty much anything you need.

and i got an extremely easy-to-remember phone number

which i never give out since im never home.

its actually 1:39am on 6/6/6 and when i wake i will escort a cuban girl so that we can interview people in the six most evil parts of los angeles

orange county
downtown la
beverly hills
and chatsworth

i want to ask the people what 666 day means to them.

she told me not to blog about it before we do it because someone will steal the idea but you know what, theres not an idea that i have that i wouldnt love someone to steal.

why? because then i can take the damn day off and try to get with this girl!

its gonna take us all day just to drive from the valley to the orange curtain and then back over here. and she’ll probably want to see a movie.

so yes, i would have loved it if someone said that they were going to interview people in LA about what 666 day means to them. and have it posted that night. devils night theyre calling it. night of the dead.

heres why 666 doesnt bother me. as a Christian i have nothing to worry about. the number, which comes from revelation simply says that only 1/3 of the people will believe in Jesus and the rest are lost. 1/3 is .333, 2/3 is .666, therefore it makes sense that the mark of the beast would be 666 since he represents the lost. and of course i like to have theories that arent in wikipedia.

how many believers of Jesus are there on the planet right now? 33%

and so when people like my maid ask me if afraid to have 666 in my phone number i say baby im way more scared of hell than i am of any phone number. that number reminds me to be good. because its our souls that get judged not our superstitions.

do i even know anybody in orange county?

ok its 2am and im watching closer for the twentieth time. at this hour theres nothing more preferable than natalie portman in those outfits, which is funny because there are very few hours when that isnt the case.

the dutch are going to pray all day today

If you add the denominations of all Japanese yen coins available (1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500) the total is 666.

Roulette wheel numbers add up to 666.

KNAC names it National Day of Slayer, and will play non-stop slayer all day.

summer beach reading! Ann Coulter releases her new book Godless: The Church of Liberalism today

to promote the new album strumming with the devil, bluegrass versions of classic van halen gems that comes out today, david lee roth and his new crew will appear on jay leno tonight.

Scott Vestal – banjo
Stuart “StuBob” Duncan – fiddle
Brad Davis – guitar
John Jorgeson – mandolin
Charlie Chadwick – bass
David Lee Roth – Vox 

american composer philip rhodes turns 66 today since after all he was born on 6/6/40

and happy birthday to my first california girlfriend who also happened to make me a man, as she was born on 6/6/66

and kissed like an angel

if you live in LA you might want to creep over to the Henry Fonda where you will be greeted by:

Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, hispanic hollywood elvis impersonator El Vez, musclebound longhaired leaping gnome Glenn Danzig, the grandson of the legend Hank Williams III, and special guest Rudy Ray Moore also known as Dolemite among others in what they call A Tribute To Evil. thirty clams. hank iii is worth that alone. doors open at 6:60 for some reason and not six minutes later.

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