karisa dared me to watch

all of the hbo dramedy big love and im always up for a dare.

it is a dark and creepy show. my girlfriend chloe sivengy is so unlikeable its bizarre. hopefully we will see her express a few nice sides. but i doubt it. i dont know why im rooting for this dude, hes so bland and undeserving of his two decent wives.

and where are the orgies? im totally serious, why have a bunch of wives if youre still gonna stay uptight about sex? present to me a television series when the characters have something to teach me.

which is why harry dean stanton steals every scene. the show should be about him. hes got the band the girls and the money. hes got a wife whos younger than any of bill paxtons wives. and he rides around in a hummer.

BellSouth officials denied Friday that they had blocked consumer sites MySpace and YouTube, although customers in Florida and Tennessee said that they were unable to access them.pc magazine

in my day you had to walk in the woods if you wanted to pictures of hot chicks. the kids have everything these days. i hate them.

you know how often mike royko wrote in a week? five times.

and he had a lot of one sentence paragraphs

if you know what i mean.

yes but those were the days when the paper cost a dime and a movie cost a dollar and everywehre in chicago and the suburbs was area code 312.

wouldnt it be just my luck if bell south was legally allowed to block myspace and youtube, and a bunch of other carriers followed suit, and buzznet exploded from people trying to do their thing?

actually that would make me very happy if it happened. especially that way.

today is lianas last day at look look.

a year ago today karisa didnt work where she works now, chris lived in america, my other buddy chris had his own business still, welch was at reason

everything changes baby thats a fact
but maybe everything that dies some day come back
put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty
and meet me tonight in atlantic city

cnn video via panasonicyouth + the daily peep + full atlantic city lyrics which i dont completely agree with

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