me and karisa went to the BET muisc awards, interscope afetr party

and yes ive been druinking and yes it s 248am amd ues karisa drove us home which maejkes me a responsigble driver and yes i ahda a great time, how cant you have a grerat time at a sweet party with 11 dollar drinks and hot babes everywhere and the hottest babe of the whole place as yuour dance partner.

there were gogo girls and normal girls and the normal girls, check it woul let you get right up on them and start donggy dance them whicvh is the new dance of you grinding up against them and them bending down so you can and yu givngin gthem your card and them puttin git down there bra and then you movionmg nt tothe necxt chick

yes i was driunking. eys i drank orange juice and vocedalk which eaquals a screwdriver

amnd ;et me tell you a little about karisas dress

it was low top,. ive never seen her wear anything where her boobies were poking out like that. and it was cut in a way that it showed her legs. and she danced and i danced with her and sometimes she took off her heels cuz they wer ebig and OBI Thrice showed up and 50 was supposed to shwo up but karisa had to work in the morn adn did i mention the googogogogogogogogo dancers. shit. and did i mention that karisa is the best girl to go to these dance contests with becayus shes fun and everyone loves her

and i wore a stupid hat and a suit and hse dint laugh once. not infront of me at least

and people wore jeans and baseball hats ans that upscale and trendy warning was bullshit, in LA you can wear whatever you want as long as youre on the list or as long as you have a super hot babe with you

and i wore my converse all star black leather shoes amnd im gladi did andim glad you still read me even though i havent been giving it my 100 percent but i have though of you adn thats why i give you this video

it sout of love

nothing more nothingless


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