things are always different than before you do them

i think the busblog will have a good purpose. it will be the place where i can be sloppy and stupid and not have to worry or think or stress about.

ive had the best conversations lately. ive had the best phone calls. ive had the best emails. ive been busy though and i wanted to post three things on laist before i went to bed but i could only knock out two. i didnt know what to write about. of all the plans i made this weekend, what i was going to write on my first day wasnt one of them so its amazingly anticlimatic. but good things sometimes are at the begining, what with columbus discovering some weird islands before discovering america.

plus that shit was discovered before he even got there.

which means today i discovered that i can use moveable type and i can write two posts before i go to bed. sadly bedtime is 532am and i dont think i like that. but maybe thats the way its gotta be. which means maybe i should get the papers delivered and read them as i go to bed at 535am.

i talked to a girl who asked me for a castle in the clouds and ive been to one before, the hearst castle. and the only thing that impressed me at that place wasnt the view, it was the pool. but that was it. still, if old hearst had a woman that he was bound to, and if she asked for a big ass castle in the clouds i bet thats what he built for her.

ive had the weirdest few days. i wish i could tell you about them but i cant really. top secret. top sexy. top shelfy. right before i won all those nickels i was thinking about how when i go to vegas i hardly ever gamble. gambling does nothing for me. its fun to get drunk and play for like ten minutes but there are people down there all night. and the old ladies in their wheelchairs smoking and drinking and slot machining kill me.

why would those ladies do that in the hooters casino?

the band was pretty bad, the gift shop in the back was pretty bad, they had no hbo. but all in all i really liked it and i would recommend it. i paid 99 on friday and 129 on saturday, which is pretty below average for decent hotels in vegas on the weekends.

i know that kos was having his convention there and i support blogging and all, but im not a democrat and i dont like politicians so even though some cool people were there like henry copeland and gen wesley clark, i barely had time to do the shit that i did, i had none allotted for that nonsense.

heres what i think of american politics – its time to have far stricter punishments for corruption in politics. some cruel and unusual shit. public servants? what happened to a servant in the day of the framers if the servant got caught stealing or lying to his master? cruel and unusual shit happened thats what.

i get it that we will probably be stuck with the two party system for a little while, and i get it that most politicians are going to be dirty and theres nothing we can do about the culture of representation that will lead to phony baloney senator sons of senator’s sons. but we can do something about manditory minimums for people who rape the public’s trust.

i ate the best food from the pantry last night. rib tips and mashed potatoes. they give you so much that its good for dinner and the next days lunch. unless you want to give your leftovers to the homeless dudes across the street in the parking lot. which is what i do with my cole slaw and bread at least.

i watched very little tv today. i drove and talked on a cell phone to karisa today. i got an email from chris today. people are wishing me good luck like crazy.

as if i havent been flooded with luck for a few weeks.

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