today is the beautiful and glamorous emmanuelle’s 24th birthday

shes 25. born in switzerland in the totally krazy 80s she defected to france as soon as she got out of grade school and never looked back.

now an american, a los felizian, and a die-hard dodger fan, emmanuelle blesses us each day with her joi de vivre, hot outfits, and sweet sweet disposition.

probably the most overlooked journalist of all of our friends, emmanuelle knocks out story after story about LA culture, politics, and hollywood entertainment. unfortunately she does it en francais and often times on french radio so its hard to copy and paste it into our blogs

the way we do with her husband matts fine work over at the la times.

i like emmanuelle because she adds a spash of class in the joint. no matter where you are i always feel that if emmanuelle is there its already up a few notches on the cool factor.

i also like it that whenever she introduces me to a hot babe i usually get lucky later that night or sometime that week. merci beaucoup baby.

a convicted communist and role model, emmanuelle is part of the star chamber behind the events that take place in the name of the los angeles press club, which sadly i will have to start attending more often now that i do what i do. but the good news is i will be able to spend a few minutes with todays birthday girl and gossip about celebs and trade arms for hostages.

born in a row boat, married in a castle, secret hairstylist of lyt, bonne anniversarie jolie jeune fille. + matt + lyt rules

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