today is the birthday of some of my favorite people

the first of course being mr john wayne anti of the redondo beach antis.

anti epitomizes pretty much everything that i like about native californians. theyre mellow. they rock. and they have their priorities straight enough to appreciate the right things – a nice sunset, a good guitar jam, the wonders of nature.

it’s also prince’s birthday.

greatest rock entertainer of all time.

its also allen iverson’s birthday. karisas favorite baller.

as well as thurman munson’s birthday. captain of the yankees during the bronx zoo era. artie lange’s favorite yankee. one of the last real baseball players and not just because he looked like john belushi.

but the dearest to the busblog would have to be the fact that today is miss anna kournikovas twenty-fifth birthday. as many of you know anna and i have had a long and dramatic relationship.

many people assumed that when she left me to be with that latin boybander that i would move my affections over to maria sharpanova and her long legs and short skirt but if you noticed i didnt. i dont think i even posted one picture of ms sharpanova. nor have i covered any womens tennis.

and in return, anna hasnt gotten married.

have your fun little girl

you’ll know where to find me.

anna kournikova nude? + anti + patrick

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