i will miss her because we were watching some good tv shows

most notably the Vivid Video one on showtime. Debbie Does Dallas Again or something. its like a behind the scenes look at them making not just one debbie does dallas remake but two. one is your typical dumb porno, the other is alt-porn with like some bondage and some squirting probably and clothes bought at hot topic instead of strippers r us.

the tudors were on tonight and i knew she would be watching it and who knows she might even be reading this blog and if she is well, good, she should. its still the busblog. king of beers.

something i like to do on the holidays is get a couple of meals at the Pantry and give em to some homeless dudes. today i was headed over there and i couldnt get across figueroa because they were having some easter parade. who the hell has easter parades in LA?

downtown, i’ll tell you, LA’s vacant lot.

i know theyre fixing it up but still. it feels like something that used to be something but is now just a place for kids to fuck around in and for junkies to get high. i went to one of the traffic cops and said i was trying to get to the pantry and he said, then you have a problem. so i went to the bbq king but had to speed home to attend two live fantasy drafts so the homeless lose again.

even on easter.

holiest of holiest days.

its 420am, so technically its today, monday. so today is opening day for the dodgers, but more importantly its opening day for the cubs. which means a day off. but it will be a working day off because im going to get all my taxes together because i am having them done tomorrow.

strangely being a pro blogger involves a lot of write offs, so tomorrow i have to do something that i hate doing – going back in time by looking at pretty much everything that i spent with my debt credit card last year.

i hate the past. most of the past. even last year.

especially last year.

except of course for landing this job. the perfect one. and driving around the country

and kissing all those girls

and seeing all those bands.

now that i put it that way i still dont wanna look back.

the cubs were in last place

i was fired.

girls rebelled en masse

i was sued by my landlord

i was vomiting a lot,

and i was on my way to losing 2/3rds of the busblog audience.

needless to say im in favor of the flat tax.

april is emotional enough.

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